A terrorist arrives in Luxor

Morning view from Oasis Hotel


With the strength of an Ox and the determination of Henry Ford,  I held it in my stomach. The whole flight I knew it wanted to come out and when I hit the tarmac I went from standard shuffle in a crowd pace, to speed walking. Once inside the terminal I

was sprinting through the baggage claim as everyone paused, watching in unease and confusion, believing I was a terrorist darting to the toilet as an escape plan. Once I made into a cubical, it came out, no not the bomb, the vial along with my stomach lining and the contents from the previous nights drinking escapades (snorkel test) – explained in my blog From dive master to Luxor

My brother and I at Hatshhepsut
Finally feeling relieved, my brother (visiting Egypt at the time) grabbed his bag and we hassled for a cheap taxi into the city of Luxor, Egypt. Our cab driver had no idea of the location of the New Everest hostel (which has good reviews), so we settled with the “Oasis Hotel” right near where the cabby dropped us off. The Oasis Hotel is great; it’s cheap with breakfast and a sunset tea each evening whilst viewing the amazing sunset upon the hotels rooftop.
Clossi of memnon, King of Ethiopia, a hero of the Trojan War
Two days to see everything in Luxor is sufficient, with our first day we headed to the west bank to see the Valley of the Kings, valley of the queens, Hatshepsut and the famous Clossi of Memnon ( Stood there since 1350 BC). We organized this day trip (transport and a guide) from our Hotel costing us 210 EGP for a student and a little more for a adult (student cards get you cheaper tickets everywhere in Egypt). After this in the afternoon we checked out the Luxor temple, which is walking distance from the hotel and on our last day we visited the Karnak Temple. You can hire bikes and ride as it’s not to far, or a cab is easy and inexpensive. If you visit the Karnak Temple be sure to get a guide once inside, it’s well worth it, and that way you know what you’re looking at and you can appreciate being there.
Thousands of years ago, there was a flourishing tree here
Once you have visited Luxor, you could make a trip down to Aswan which I am told is very beautiful (my brother was running out of time so we couldn’t make it), or you have the option to visit Cairo and Alexandria in the north of Egypt. We caught the sleeper train to Cairo, great way to travel (includes dinner and breakfast) as you wake up in the morning in a new city and are ready to explore. My blog of hectic Cairo is to come.

The Luxor temple is gigantic!

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