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dive safari

”Alright mate let’s do this!” I mumble, shaking my brother to and fro from his slumber at 6am. “uuhhh ohh, ok” he said in confusion as he peeled his eyes open. We grabbed various bags brimming with dive equipment along with 4 full scuba tanks each, loading it into the Ute. ‘Yalla Bina’ (lets go in Arabic) I cheerfully say to Eed my Egyptian neighbor/driver. Arriving at the famous blue hole in Dahab was the end of the road, but the beginning of our journey, our journey to the desert for our dive safari.

Destination being a remote dive location between the base of south Sinai in Egypt and the Israeli border, with Saudi Arabia in full view looking out over the red sea. Camels being our source of transportation, calmly trotted along the aggressively rocky cliff faced water’s edge, as held my breath occasionally in uncertainty of the path my camel took.

dive safari
A village of about 40 huts built with drift wood and palm leaves woven together as roofs and walls appeared in the distance. Bedouin tea was served by the tribe (the Bedouins) as we arrived, and we got suited and booted for our dive. Let me tell you if you are a scuba diver and find yourself visiting Egypt, be sure to get into the red sea for some diving as the visibility and coral is amazing. Ras Abu Galum is where we ventured and cannot be accessed by car, leaving it remote and un-dived by most divers. In result, the dive sites are teaming with stunningly beautiful sea life, coral and fish, truly some of the best diving I have experienced.  Where have you dived before and highly recommend?
dive safari
After our first dive, lunch was prepared by the Bedouins again who offer to cook for you as long as you supply the food. With lunch and tea in our belly’s we rested before a second dive into the waters of the red sea, in which we stumbled upon graceful turtles, table corals, annenomy fish, tube worms and the list is endless. Deciding to spend the night there, we consumed our dinner whilst sat by fire keeping us warm along with the bottles of rum shared between myself, my brother and a friend of ours Marc.
 Spending a night in the desert is a wonderful experience and ever so beautiful with no glow from city lights, leaving the sky lit by the various amounts of constellations, especially Orion’s Belt vividly sticking out, which can’t be seen from home (Australia). Funnily enough we were therelayingunder the stars during the period of an astrological storm (December 2012), which where the stars were to line up with the pyramids of Giza in Cairo. We were so lucky to share the experience with each other as we watched over 7 shooting stars that night laying rugged up under the night’s sky whilst we fell asleep.


As the sun rose majestically over the deserts hills to wake us, our camels arrived to trot us back to the Blue Hole for the first dive of the day followed by lunch and a secondary dive at the “Canyon” (my second favourite dive site in Dahab after “The Islands”). As we arrived back home (in Dahab) greeted by friends, I was reminded I had to complete my snorkel test. A celebration of completing my dive master course, the funny tale in my blog from Dive Master to Luxor.

Where in the world is your favorite dive location and why?

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