From Dive master to Luxor

dive master
I guide my brother along the Light House dive site, Dahab

Presenting another universe to someone, guiding them to see something more spectacular than what their mind could imagine, is just indescribable. You’ve just invited them to a new world and they aren’t leaving anytime soon. You can see it in not just their eyes, but their body language how grateful they are, and all I did was my job.
Correct all I did was my job, and that’s why I love it! Being a dive master you’re not earning the big bucks, but does money really matter when you love what you do for work  . . . ? we all know you can’t buy happiness anyway. You make enough to keep your head above water so to speak and not only that show people how amazing the world beneath the sea is?

Before leading guided dives every day seeing, fish, turtles, coral and ect. I was to do one last test. It was in December 2012 just before the so called “end of the world 21/12/12” and I had nearly completed my dive master course in Dahab, Egypt. I had my brother visiting me and we were to board our flight to Luxor the next day but certainly not before my last test.  If you’re not familiar with the scuba diving world and not sure what the last test on the dive master course is, get involved next time you’re near a dive community and ask to see someone do their “snorkel test”.  Well I won’t continue without having you know it’s not actually a test you’re marked on and doesn’t go to your final score but more of a celebration for becoming a dive master.  Basically you’re required to scull a liter or more of mixed alcohol through a snorkel with your mask on. To breathe, you signal to your buddy you are out of air (a skill you must learn under water for diving, you should always dive with a buddy too) and he will poke his finger under the seal of your mask so you can breathe whilst sculling.
dive master
A few refresher skills before we start our dive

I wasn’t a lone soldier here, I was living with a younger English lad who also completed his DM course and was sculling alongside me. Whilst sculling this potently foul alcohol my instructor had the audacity to brew, I had the urge to vomit, and nope I would not let up at that moment. I continued chugging, a few seconds later I was on the breach of regurgitation. I couldn’t force it down anymore letting the remaining brew gush from the snorkel onto my feet splashing the crowd of my mates cheering us on. This I could deal with as long as I was not vomiting everywhere.

Very drunk, I glance over to my housemate (English lad), he had bent down to sit on a chair with the result of sitting down he opened his throat and it was as if he let a thick 40 mm tube of vial out of his mouth. Vomiting right out in front of him, covering majority of the floor along with spectator’s shoes. From other sources I was told we kept drinking Aussie cocktails, (2 shots of rum, 1 vodka shot, sprite and pineapple Juice, a concoction I made up as my drunk buddy, ordered me to make a  “Aussie Cocktail”  when I was working at the bar) next thing I remember is beep beep beep, my phone alarming me to get my ass into gear and catch the flight to Luxor, thank god I made it. Never has anybody seen someone sprint so fast through the baggage claim in an airport, Blog of how I arrived to Luxor in style below.

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