Travel Insurance, pfft…who needs it, you do!

travel insurance
28,000 Euro for falling down the stairs, that’s a bit much. As of 11/02/13 that’s how much my mate’s hospital bill equated to. He’s been holidaying here in Dahab for the past month now and as a result of

tumbling down a flight of stairs, he ended up hospitalized in a critical condition.  The morning of the incident
hewas rushed to a private hospital, and the doctors realised he needed a MRI and CAT scan along with neurosurgery.

He was relocated via ambulance to a hospital in Sharm El Sheikh for his MRI and CAT scan, and then taken directly back to the Dahab hospital, even though they had a neurosurgeon in Sharm! Why did they bring him back to Dahab where there is no neurosurgeon? Money of course, the filthy bastards. Richie, whilst in a coma (due to brain swelling) had to wait until they flew out a neurosurgeon from Cairo to operate, not for the greater being of the customer, no to excessively charge him.

Richie is still in a critical condition,can move his eyes and is slowly recovering, but meanwhile the hospital is still excessively charging him per night. As you’ve guessed it, he’s not insured, but none the less this is a criminal act and lawyers are on the case to try and justify the bill and most likely sue. It’s just so simple howquickly a holiday can turn into a nightmare and this is a perfect example of why you should NEVER leave home without travel insurance. These incidents are not worth your worry while you’re away. So put your life and safety first and be covered, you can’t put a price on life.

What bad situations have you come across with travel accidents and insurance claims? Have you come across any unreliable or trusted travel insurance company we should know about? Or dodgy doctors for that matter? Please let us know.

Tips; The most important thing is to read the policy to see what your covered for and whether it is suitable for you, a fellow traveler Matt has put together a great blog post of how to chose the right coverage. Most credit card companies provide travel insurance under certain conditions, usually if you book return flights back to your country of residence within a certain time frame. This is what I use and have found it very useful. Other options are online quotes which compare companies and give you the best prices for each, in this link Lonely Planet offer this service along with many others.

Lets use this space to help each other out here. What travel insurance company do you use and why?

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