Why you want to travel and why you don’t

I stumbled across this video having had it on my computer for some time now, I realized this must be shared. A tale of a traveler in the true sense of the word, 16,000 miles in 40 days 40 night and 40 buses.

Andrew Evan’s story in ‘open road, open life’ is compelling and inspiring. This video explains what makes us want to travel in the first place and why. Also why we don’t want to travel and when we do it’s usually as a tourist. “Don’t be tourists, travel more, plans less” is what I love and something to follow by.
He explains how he simply travels simply, and the difference between a tourist and a traveler. Not only are his methods cost effective, but gratifying, as we have the opportunity to see more of the world along our actual journey.
want to travel
I love this video for so many reasons, what are your thoughts of the video and how did it impact you?

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