Koh San Road famous for Lady boys, alcohol & fake I.D’s

Pup Pup Pup, the locals either whispered or shouted at us whilst we walked the streets. A sound created by pressing your lips together whilst slightly sucking in and opening your mouth, which is to  imitate the sound of a ping pong ball exiting a females genital region. And that is supposed to arouse me or entice me to see this in action? I think not, but hey this is Bangkok anything flies as long as their making a living, legally or illegally.
Koh San Road the famous strip in Bangkok has it all from apparel, souvenirs, technology accessories (speaker, headphones and etc.) bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants. You can even get identity cards, obviously fake, although they look very legit and of course you get what you pay for, but the line does not stop there. You can just about get anything you want on these streets and when I say anything, I mean you name it they have it. If not at least they can find somebody to make a deal to get what it is you’re after. Oh yea, it’s almost certain you will get ripped off, but that’s Thailand. Unless you’re an expert bargain hunter, love to haggle and know the worth of each purchase, in which case you can get some stellar deals.
Koh San RoadKoh San Road has all the major fast food chains, PLEASE; PLEASE don’t eat at these, if you are a true traveller you will not stoop to the ease of the monopolizing fast food chains. Thai food is amazingly delicious and you’re in Thailand so why not indulge in some well known local dishes? They are a lot cheaper (between 50-150 Baht per meal) than the fast food chains too. Massamam curry, green Thai curry and pad Thai, of my favourites, are just a small handful of great Thai dishes to try.
 Sorry I don’t have many pics of myself in Bangkok, this one to the right I got from the girls we were partying with in the club we came across. However, below is a video my mate Joel put together of us seeing the sites of Thailand.
Taxis in Thailand are cheap and easy, but a even cheaper and a great way to see how the locals travel is the bus. From our hotel (New Siam II, cheap and very close to Koh San Road), 7 baht/AUD $0.25 is what it cost us to bus to the 8 level MBK shopping mall, one of the biggest malls in Bangkok.
Low season, during May when we were traveling through, was still very busy on the streets, with copious amounts of horns beeping and traffic rage. However the bars and clubs were quite empty, so with some friends we made we decided to play drinking games in their hotel. Once the alcohol got the better of us, we came to our senses realizing that we can’t sit in a hotel and get drunk in Bangkok so we took it to the streets causing a ruckus, stopping at each little supermarket for shouts of drinks. We came across a club that was quite busy, with the entrance fee being a bucket (a 2 Liter bucket full of an alcoholic beverage of your choice). You could only imagine how drunk we were when we left this place, Bangkok is littered with pubs and clubs and I could only imagine how wild this city would be during peak season.Unfortunately I wasn’t in Bangkok long enough (a stop-over for a flight), but I will be back to experience it in more depth. What stories do you have of Bangkok, did you fancy it or not and why?

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