Don’t you dare eat that! Why you should eat No McDonalds whilst traveling

no mcdonalds
Pörkölt in Budapest, Hungary
Ever been overseas and had travel buddies or friends say oh lets go get some Maccas, KFC, or Burger King/Hungry Jacks? If you are a traveler in the true sense of the word you wouldn’t stoop to the eases of these monopolising fast food chains. You can eat that back at home or anywhere in the world for that matter, it’s
no different from where you live. Being overseas, you may as well try the tastes of the country your in; part of witnessing the culture is eating their traditional foods.
I mean don’t get me wrong I do love the taste of fast food as much as it is bad for me. But why go to one of these fast food outlets when you’re visiting a country that you most probably have so little time at and have the opportunity to indulge in the local foods? The local dishes will most probably be far tastier and certainly a lot healthier. Chances are they will even be cheaper, especially in the poorer 3rd world countries such as Africa, Asia, Central and South America.
no mcdonalds
For those of you with food allergies, ok well it may be easier to stick with what you know you can eat as it’s a safe option, I understand that. I myself have a food allergy (gluten intolerant) and do find it difficult sometimes, but I strive not to lower myself to that level by giving into these fast food chains. Especially when I can eat the local food, I really get into it witnessing and enjoying their traditional meals. If for some reason you can’t as there may be an ingredient that your body doesn’t agree with, simply ask them to leave it out. I frequently ask for corn tortillas instead of flour, gelati in a cup instead of the cone and eat burgers without the bun; it’s actually quite a laugh as my friends actually get a kick out of it when they see me pick up a burger without the bun.

These fast food chains are already very well established and successful business as you know, and it’s always great to help out the smaller guys with local businesses. So next time yourself or a friend thinks about heading for the fast food whilst in a foreign country, consider trying out some traditional/local food. I am sure you will enjoy it and plus you can always use the experience as bragging rights like, I ate pizza and pasta in Italy, Taco’s on the streets of Mexico, Curry in India or Pad Thai in Thailand.

Delicious tapas and sangria in Valencia, Spain

There are so many delicious foods from all over the world; My favorites I have tried are Taco’s in Mexico and Gelati in Italy. What are your favorites and from where?

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