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White Canyon

Millions of years ago the Sinai Peninsula was below the Red Sea in Egypt and as the water receded, deep beautiful canyons were formed. One named the Coloured Canyonand the other White Canyon. I had been living in Dahab, Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea for 5 months (about an hour away) and still had not visited these unique natural features but, being my birthday I was lucky enough to share this experience with my parents who were visiting Dahab at the time.

Our guide (guides are required) led us through the labyrinth of red, yellow and purple sandstone rocks in the Coloured Canyon and the weak white sandstone rocks in the White Canyon where in some areas the canyon can be as deep as 35-40m. The entrance to the White Canyon was quite steep mirroring a short cliff face as we entered using a rope to reach the cavernous sandy bottom. As it rains (quite rarely in the desert) these canyons get washed out and consequently become deeper each time, forming dissimilar rock formations, intriguing to the eye.
egypt tours
Coloured Canyon
We booked the 1 day tour through Dahab City Tours costing US$25 each, it included the Coloured Canyon, White Canyon, lunch and a visit to the mushroom rock. There are many different tour companies available where ever you are staying and they will be more than happy to organize these trips. It was a great day out and as you could imagine I went snap happy, check it out.
egypt tours
egypt tours
Papa bear inside the White Canyon
Mum entering the White Canyon
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