Thank you, but this is just where the journey begins

journey begins
Look out, I’m going to make an impact
I want to say thank you, to all my readers I am truly grateful. As I see my viewer and follower count rise more with each day, it inspires me to write and blog more and more. Blogging may be a first time thing for me, but traveling certainly isn’t. I have been globe trotting

on and off since 2005, been to over 29 countries and from the places I’ve visited; I have many stories, photos, advice and tips to share. I just want to let you know that whilst my blog is fresh (February 2013), this is only just the beginning, there will be frequent updates and blogs as I continue on my travels around the globe.

journey begins
The wheel was already buckled, I found
this funny as the bike hadn’t moved in days
Cheers for hanging in there 😉
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