Yukk! I don’t want to sleep in the London tube station

london tube
London street music
Arriving at the Wimbledon station (in London) via the tube at about 12pm, we (my 3 mates and I) dragged our luggage up and down the station stairs and over to the street where our hostel was. After pacing up and down the street in search of the hostel/building number for 15 mins, we came to a realisation there is no such building number in that street. Great, just after nearly not being let into the country we are going to be sleeping in the London tube station I thought.
We double checked our booking print out, “I think we have been stiffed here boys that building number doesn’t exist” I explained to my mates (which I had been traveling with for a month).

london tube
london tube

After 10 minutes of standing in the street, cold and confused a younger guy came up to assist us. Using his phone we called the hostel to see if it existed, turns out the address on the website we booked through was wrong and when we finally arrived at the Travel Joy Wimbledon Hostel we crashed out. The hostel was the cheapest we could find online and it also happened to be new and only opened 2 days prior to our arrival. It’s a brilliant hostel which I would recommend, as the staff are super friendly, it’s new, clean and certainly worth considering if you’re staying in London. One con is it’s a little south of the city centre, but very close to the tube.

Being in London, our main goal was to purchase a van for our road trip through Europe for the summer. We were extremely lucky to have a friend of ours in Australia who used to work near London as a car dealer who still stays in contact with and is great friends with other dealers in the area. Before we left home we e-mailed one of his mates who was kind enough to help us out and search for a van for us. After our first night and a much needed sleep-in, we called Lee (the guy who was going to buy us a van) to find out the progress of the van hunt. He informed us that he knew of a few but it would take a few more days, to look at them and find the best one. We sat tight cruised around and saw the sights of London. Funnily enough, not planning it, or even knowing it was on, we were in Wimbledon right when the Wimbledon Tennis Competition was being held. How could we pass up this opportunity, it was fate. In the right place at the right time and the stadium was walking distance (30mins) from the hostel.

Wimbledon Tennis Que
 London has many tourist attractions so if you have a limited amount of time, be wise in your choices. The British Museum is a must, truly the best museum I have ever been to, with so much on show. The best way to go through the museum is to hire an audio guide; this way you can go at your own pace and chose what artefacts and sculptures you wish to learn about. Big Ben was cool and after the Museum was my favourite attraction (I love watches and clocks), Hyde park, changing of the guards, Trafalgar square and the list is just about endless. There are no shortages of pubs anywhere in London, but the greatest places to go for a night out is Camden, Soho and Kings Cross, these places are usually where it’s all happening. To meet people, make friends and party, stay in hostels as there is always a crew heading out most nights.
We had only booked for a week at the Travel Joy Hostel as we thought we would have our van and be on the road by then, but with the Travel Joy fully booked out, we had to move on We headed to Bayswater, where we found the next cheapest hostel in London. It only took us a week to see the sites of London and right after our relocation, Lee had called us to let us know about a van we could purchase, so we went to see it. We were very impressed in his efforts as it was enormous, exactly what we needed home the four of us for over 3 months on the road. With the van purchased, the next step was getting it insured and that’s when the nightmare begun. “Please insure our van” blog to come.
Entering Wimbledon Stadium

Honestly, for me, London wasn’t all that exciting, pretty crappy actually (just a big city, with poo weather).  In my view there are so much better places to go in the world. But hey, maybe there is something I am missing about London.
Who loves London and why, maybe you could convince me otherwise to change my mind about this place?

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