Dubai – littered with Prostitutes, Booze, huge buildings and even bigger malls

Burj Khalifa
It’s all false! It’s not hard at all (as they say) to find alcohol in Dubai, a lot of the upmarket restaurants all serve alcoholic beverages and there are even areas and places to party such as bars and clubs. I also quite unwillingly found myself in a position I wish to never be in again, where I discovered Dubai, even has its own sex trade swarming with prostitutes. That is of course if you find yourself in the wrong (or the right for some) area as I did, fighting them off.

I find Dubai by night is more spectacular than the day and on the up side it’s not as hot. So staying out quite late/early in the morning I arrived via cab to out the front of my Hotel in Bur Dubai. As I stepped out of the cab within seconds I was swamped by young African ladies clutching and pulling my arm, “come, come, let’s go, where you stay? Take me, take me” they chanted over the top of each other as I struggled to free myself. Quickly to respond to one worker not letting go,” no, no I am sorry,” as she bickered back, not letting a possible customer slip away. “Oh you sexy young man, I do you cheap price and we have the best of times,” as I replied “no sorry I don’t pay for sex, I just want to sleep,” in which she riddled back in surprise replying in astonishment “yes you do everyone does, you can’t just get it for free,” and I left it at that, freeing myself from her grip and speed walking to the hotel, before I was pounced on by her colleagues.
Dubai Mall by night
 Not believing it (as my friend suggested), but it wasn’t until a few split seconds later I realized my hotel (Rush Inn) was directly in the heart of the Dubai prostitution area where the sex workers hung out adjacent my hotel. Being a budget traveler I searched for hostels in Dubai discovering they don’t exist so I stumbled upon the cheapest hotel I could find and like everything, you get what you pay for; there was even a club on the ground floor thumping music until 4.30am each morning.
Sunsets from Dubai Mall, the view from Social House Restaurant
 My main purpose in Dubai was to visit a friend of mine, Michael (now a local to the area) and I was lucky enough to be shown around to see some of its most amazing attractions. My favourite of coarse was the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, standing at 829.8m with the world’s fastest elevator taking us up 425 meters in just 45 seconds to the 124th floor where we took pictures in-between the water fountain displays way below us harbouring the Dubai Mall. The cost of a ticket to the observation deck on the 125thfloor is about 125 AED, and can be purchased inside the Dubai Mall which is also the world’s biggest shopping mall, located just below the Burj Khalifa, or online. It’s true when they say it’s not about what you know but who you know as I was lucky my friend Michael knew someone through a work colleague allowing us to visit free of charge.
Myself and Mick inside Dubai Mall by the aquarium
 In Dubai mall we ate at Mick’s favourite/local restaurant named the Social House (I highly recommend it), overlooking the promenade where fountains visibly displayed remarkable water shows accompanied by music beneath the gigantic Burj Khalifa, with a back drop of strikingly designed high rises. Afterwards I was escorted around the Mall, gawking at shops, an ice skating rink, even a huge aquarium (51x20x11 meters) absolutely teeming with fish, rays and sharks as I caught up with my comrade Mick and his lovely girlfriend Jessica.  Afterwards we headed to the Carlton Ritz Hotel, where Mick works as a head chef. Dining we sampled a delicious array of 5 star foods prepared by his colleagues of which I met and became great friends with.
The Burj
 With the best guide in town, and even better company, I cruised to the beach with Mick where we were to paddle board around the Burj Al Arab, but being Easter the surf center was shut. I will certainly be taking part in this on my next visit and if you find yourself in Dubai not wishing to do something so touristy, check it out. With the surf centre shut we walked past the Burj Al Arab visiting the Mardinat Souk (souk meaning market), to have a drink, soak up the vibe and chill out.
134 floors up, looking down on Dubai from the Burj Khalifa
JBW (Jemeriah Beach Walk) is the street hosting all the resorts right near the Marina Precinct which is home to some of the most fascinating buildings especially the Infinity Tower. If you are to find yourself down that end of town (as we did) a stroll through there at sunset is pleasant. During the evening the DIFC (District International Finance Centre) is beautifully lit, displaying colossal but well designed office buildings, if you are into architecture this is also worth seeing.
The ruler of Dubai parked his car below the world’s tallest building
3 days in Dubai seemed to be enough to see the majority of it, evidently if you wish to take part in a lot more activities, don’t be restrictive of your time there. I had also been told “It’s expensive in Dubai”, well define expensive. Sure if you come from Kenya its expensive but, the average cost of food, drinks and getting around is cheaper than what you would pay in London and close to similar prices as Australia, so I wouldn’t say it is really expensive. Book your hotel in advance and the metro is a cheap way to travel about, only being 2 lines as of April 2013 (with more being built), taxis are cheap enough to get around by also. Heading to Dubai a little pessimistic, my views quickly changed and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but with that over it was onto the plane to Nepal for some lush beautiful mountain trails through the quaint Himalayas for me.
View from the magnificent mariner walk
 Everyone’s experiences and opinions are different, How did you perceive Dubai?

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