Kathmandu, Nepal – busier than I expected

KathmanduArriving at night, I did the standard of hassling down a taxi from 650 to 200 (Nepali Rupee) and got a room down from 1000 to 400 (Nepali Rupee). Upon confirming the room I was handed my room key along with a candle and a box of matches, Ok cool it thought, that’s how it’s going to be hey. So with no electricity I heaved my heavy bag up the stairs and into my room. Lighting the candle, I opened my laptop and sat on the bed to edit some photos until, THUMP!

I found myself sitting on top of my beds broken slats sprawled across the floor. Cheap accommodation never fails to amuse me and keep my trips hilariously interesting.
With my time in Nepal condensed I set out early on my first and only day to see Kathmandu. My first visit was to The Garden of Dreams where the Austrian government helped fund the restoration of the garden back in 2000-2007. The garden is beautifully peaceful and a great place to read a book or simply hide from the cities hustle and bustle. I passed by freak street (on the way to Durbar Square) which is not very fascinating these days (you may find some odd characters around), but it used to be a place where hippies and trekkers congregated trying to seek enlightenment and spirituality.
Down freak street
Durbar Squarewhere I spent a good hour is excellent for photography which homes the temples of the great kings Malla and Shah who once ruled the city.  Another attraction to the city I visited was Asan tole, the city’s busiest square where you can buy spices, meat and vegetables that are brought from all over the city.
From the Garden of Dreams
Kathmandu is a very photogenic which I loved, I also found the people very welcoming. One local even showed me around some temples, not for tips or money but to simply help me out and improve his English at the same time. Kathmandu is a great place to visit and organize trekking from but it’s quite a busy place being Nepal’s capital city. For a more relaxed and chilled vibe, Pohkara is a great destination right by the foot hills of the Himalayas where I headed next.
-Don’t book rooms in advanced unless you need to, they are very cheap from 400 Nepali Rupee and up.
-Coming from the airport into town via taxi don’t pay more than 250 Nepali Rupee each person.
-Meals you can find reasonably cheap in just about any restaurant (200 and up) and a lot have Wi-Fi (if the power is on)
-Bus to Pohkara should be no more than 600 and it will take from 6-8 hours but well worth it.
-There are an abundance of shops to buy all your trekking needs, for example clothes, backpacks, shoes and plenty more miscellaneous items.

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