Boobs everywhere! find out about Barcelona, Spain

about Barcelona
In da club
Looking similar to a cluster of sloths and complaining of  horrific hangovers we were required to check out of the El Molino camp ground in Pamplona, Spain ASAP.  From Pamplona (where we were for the Running of the Bulls Festival) onwards to Barcelona it was for us, to cool off our bodies at the beach whilst overdosing on vitamin D and witnessing something we had never seen before.

Beforehand, we (our van occupied with me and 4 mates along with another mates van with himself and his girlfriend) made it our duty to scout the camp grounds for practical items we could use during our journey. People who often head to festivals and camp (all over the world)  typically buy camp gear and end up departing without it in their lazy hung-over state as the hassle is too much to bear. I have come across this at numerous festival camp grounds around the globe as we would hoard gear that we considered necessary for our road trips. So if you’re in need of camp equipment, next time you’re at a festival camp ground, hang around until the crowd leaves and stock up.
about Barcelona
Sagrada Familia with mates
The drive to Barcelona wasn’t too long and when we arrived, Wow! Never before have I seen so much bare boob action! I’m not complaining at all, but it seems as though this is typical at the beaches in Spain. In Australia from a young age we were taught to ‘slip, slop, slap’ and on the opposite side of the world it’s almost the opposite, even at a young age it’s considered acceptable to sunbathe topless. Being young lads we walked the beaches resembling bobble heads with the occasional swim. Each day we hung out at the beach walked around the city and eventually made it back to the car park (our temporary home) parallel to the beach where we slept in our vans.
Whilst in town we couldn’t miss out on seeing the Sagrada Familia, standing at 170m tall it’s one of Barcelona’s most popular tourist attractions and landmarks. It’s an unfinished masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi which started construction in 1882 and will continue for another decade to come. Truly an amazing masterpiece, it just goes to show how highly skilled the tradesman from that era were compared to what we are like today (I myself being a tradesman know that back then time was taken to perfect structures, unlike today it’s the quicker the better). But be sure to check this out whilst visiting Barcelona.
Staying in Barcelona 3 nights we met up with two girls whom we had previously met in London, who coincidentally, became friends witha girl we had met in the Greek Islands (small world). Partying it up in the car park, we headed out to the main night clubs, right on the beach about 300m from where we were parked. Each day we deviously changed car park spots so the police during their patrols wouldn’t recognize our van in the same location, although they obviously had us out smarted and ordered us to move on the next morning.
about barcelona
Enjoying life
Consequently it was time for us to depart and exclaim our farewells to 2 of our mates, who had a different road trip planned through Europe, but whom we would meet up with again. We also had another mate leaving us and we dropped him at the airport to continue his travels elsewhere. It was then onward south; myself and my 3 mates visited Valencia for 2 nights before we moved on to Barbate, Spain where we got stuck in a sand storm.
Our freinds rock!

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