I nearly killed my dad up Mt Sinai, Egypt

I resided In the South Sinai, a beautiful part of Egypt where there is an abundance of remarkable places to see and ittook me just over 5 months to visit the majority of these. The last one I left until my parents visited me in my final two weeks and on this morning we set off to see the St. Catherine’s Monastery and Mt. Sinai where I nearly killed my dad.

Finally arriving to the monastery after a 2 hour long drive through the desert, flourished infrequently with green as the rain was not shy the past 4 months in these areas. “Nah they are lying, it’s not closed, come on mum, dad lets go check it out”. After 5 minutes of talking to the locals I came to the realisation that the St. Catherine’s Monastery actually was closed. How could they have the audacity to bring us here with it being closed? Thing is, everything is so slow in Egypt and quite backwards at times, but it was closed for fasting for 3 days and none of the tour company’s were even notified. “Hmmmm great” I sighed in frustration as our driver tried to allure us into a tour of the local town instead, which disinterested me and my parents.

mt sinai
St. Catherines Monastery

“Well let’s climb up Mt. Sinai then, how long does it take?” I asked Solomon our guide for the day, “it takes 3 hours to the top, you can do the track which is easier or the stairs which are harder” he explained. “Oh ok which is better?” “the stairs” “Well we have time and can take it slow, do you guys want to do the stairs” I asked mum and dad?” “yea ok” they replied.

mt sinai
The steps continue
“yalla bina habibi” (lets go my good friend in Arabic) I said to Solomon and off we went following him up the stairs, taking breaks regularly. About 2/3rds of the way up I thought whoops maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I myself got quite tired of the steps, I couldn’t imagine the pain my dad at age 63 and after open heart surgery was feeling. “you’re doing good dad, nice and easy and we will get to the top” I kept saying optimistically to my father.
If you decide to climb Mt Sinai I suggest you take the stairs. Sure it’s harder but it makes for much better scenery and views. It cost us $25 US per person though Dahab city tours  to go to the Monastery and Mt Sinai for the day trip and our guide (you can’t hike the mountain without one) was 110 Egyptian pounds for the 3 of us.
mt sinai
The glassy but murky lake that lay about 2/3rds of the way up
In time and repeatedly taking breaks we overlooked majestic views as we scaled the 3000 steps to the top and I was extremely proud of my dad for doing so. We sat there at 2285 metres high whilst the sun set as Solomon told us the incredible life story of Moses and how he came to Mt Sinai with all his people. That story alone was touching and to hear it sitting upon the actual mountain Moses climbed, alone (my parents and I) with the sun setting over the Sinai was an extraordinarily beautiful experience.

I take a nap 100 steps from the top
Story time with Solomon our guide,
My parents the troopers
Before the sun lay to rest
I am new to hiking/trekking and scaling mountains, I am sure there are a lot of new hikers here too. Can anyone recommend any great mountains to climb?
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