The relaxed town of Pokhara in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, Nepal

Washing time at lake Phewa
Waking up in the dark early hours of the morning in Kathmandu, Nepal and not knowing where my bus to Pokhara was to leave from, I followed a Japanese lad to the bus stop as he gingerly puffed upon his joint with the smell of marijuana trailing behind him and through the city for everyone to wake up to.

With 7 hours of a dusty, bumpy but scenic bus ride, we hugged the road upon the steep cliff face ever so tightly, swerving through corners and speeding into what seemed to be unrealistic gaps between cars, bikes and buses. With relief we made it to the quieter and chilled town of Pokhara. I immediately booked a room for the night at the Pushpa guest house  and organised a 5 day Himalayan Mountain trek, through reception at the guest house, they were extremely helpful providing me with low prices to meet my budget.

Being in Pokhara was a blessing as the town is far from hectic unlike Kathmandu. I am not bagging Kathmandu, and I did like it but I really prefer Pokhara, which allows you to actually walk the street without the fear of being hassled for money or to buy something from each and every shop you walk by. It was also great for me to just be at ease before I was to test my fitness through the hills of the Himalayas.

Phewa Lake
If you find yourself trekking from Pokhara or even Kathmandu for that matter and are in need of hiking gear, these two towns can provide you with just about any hiking gear you are in need of and it’s CHEAP! I brought two pairs of lightweight but strong “North Face” long pants that you can unzip into shorts for 800 Rupee each ($AUD 9). One great tip is to buy some water purifying tablets for your trek, they are also great for travelling in any country with undrinkable tap water, they save you tons on buying water bottles everywhere.
On a tight time schedule (which I hate when I travel) I only stayed 2 nights in Pokhara, one before my trek and one after. I can happily say I will visit this town again. The beautiful Phewa Lake lays just below the town bordered with lakeside restaurants looking out over it and in the evening you can enjoy meals as the sunsets over the surrounding hills and the lake.

Myself and Raj, the owner of Pushpa
 There is a vast range of activities you can do/organise from here, fellow travellers have told me stories of how great the paragliding is there (it’s now added to the list), you can also partake in white water rafting, a zip-flyer, yoga camps, boating on the lake, flat treks or mountain treks (as I did) and they even have helicopter rides. If you are looking to pre-book,Pushpa Guest house is where I stayed and from where I organized my trekking tour, which turned out to be incredible.
If you have any questions about Pohkara or Kathmandu, don’t hesitate to ask.

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