Why e-readers are what every traveler should have

e-readersTravel has a lot of down time, so what do most of us travelers do . . . Read. Yes, we read, for fun, for enjoyment, to sharpen our mind, hell we even read to find out about our next/future destinations. And now that technology is growing at a break necking pace, we can take thousands of books where ever we go without needing to see a chiropractor after carting what seems to be our entire library about in our backpacks.
When I first heard that you could buy a e-readers (an electronic device) “Amazon Kindle” that would store about 14,000 books all in one tiny computer type device, I was sold! The thought of having one just kept improving when I realized it’s cheaper to buy books in e-bookversion than to buy a standard paperback; and that you can purchase them directly from the web. My next stop was straight to Wall-Mart in Dallas, Texas from Cancun, Mexico to purchase one. Prior to purchasing the first ever edition of Amazon Kindle I profusely and excitedly researched then downloaded a whole stack of my favourite books from the net for free. Some of these were different file types (PDF, E-pub and mobi) which didn’t concern me as the Kindle is adaptable and accepts a huge variety of file types. Another great thing that excited me was that we no longer need to destroy as many forests to produce paperback books when we can read e-books.
From my first Kindle 3g, I upgraded to the Paperwhite Kindle which I love because I can be so lazy. It has a backlit screen which means I am not the obnoxious person with the light on during a flight and I don’t have to get up to turn the light off before I fall asleep. I am not saying that my Paperwhite is the best e-reader on the market because it’s not, there are many others, but it is cheap and unlike a lot of other e-readers it has the non glare screen, which was something I need for when I get my tan and read sessions on.
After purchasing my Kindle I never thought I would use it to connect to Wi-Fi, consequently I found this option very useful. Instead of having to lug my laptop around everywhere to connect to the internet my kindle was a much smaller and lighter option. It is even better for when I am in airports and I just want to check my e-mails quickly instead of going through the ordeal of taking out my laptop, I can just whip out the kindle.
If you are already a seasoned traveler, planning a trip away, riding the train/bus to work, or are over paying full price for books and want to get them cheaper or even score many of them free from the internet. Then, do yourself a favor and get an e-reader. Kindle were the first to come out and are still the best according to reviews. You could go for a Paperwhite edition as I did because they are cheaper but there are different models all the way up to a Kindle Fire. However If you are looking for something more user friendly for the internet, applications, music and videos, an I-pad would be best suited to you if you have the cash to splash.
These are the 3 most popular and what I would recommend, but there are many different types on the market.


For those of you who already have an e-reader or are in the process of getting one, which one did you choose and why?

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