My crazy adventure of white water rafting, but with no raft!

I scope for an entry point up-river

As I was trekking through the Himalayas in Nepal I came to a village/community called Beni, a place where I crashed for the night. With some spare time during the afternoon my guide Saroj and a French guy we met along the way who joined us decided to go for a walk to see what Beni had to offer. There wasn’t all that much being a small 3rd world countryside town, although we did as the locals do among these areas and made our own fun, which is where the craziness began.

Crabbing across the rocks towards the river we decided to cool off with swim, my mind seeked a sense of adventure, an adrenalin rush. Looking upstream towards the rapids where the rocks stood in the way of the continuous flow of water creating masses of white water from pounding against the rocks I thought, do you really need a raft to go down these rapids? Is it possible for a human body to endure . . . ?
Trying not to hit any rocks on my way down
Only one way to find out, so Gabriel and I walked up stream and when he wasn’t looking I kicked him as hard as I could in his back sending him into the rapids to see how battered and bruised he came up. JOKING! I am just kidding, How cruel of a person do you really think I am. If I thought of the crazy Idea I would be the one to have to test it, so I slowly entered the water until I was at knee depth, stabilizing myself by clutching to the rocks either side of me as the flow of water was quite intense.
“Okay . . .  I guess . . .  here it goes” I hesitantly verbalized to my new mate Gabriel to let him know this is actually happening and just like that I leapt forward into the rapids allowing the water to direct my course. It all happened rather quickly until I arrived to a deeper pool of water not flowing as fast and reaching out for more rocks to heave myself from the water chuckling myself into laughing fits. “Woooo Hooooo!” I yelped “that was awesome” and I came out with no bruises or scratches as my body only slithered over, around and past each rock in my path.
My mate collides into a rock on his way down
It wasn’t until I looked upstream when I completely lost it. You know when you witness someone hurt themselves and you know you need to help them but you are too preoccupied in your fits of laughter, which won’t allow you to stop and assist them. That was me, to preoccupied with fits of laughter as I watch my mate Gabriel wallop into and slither over the tops of rocks whilst fighting for air as the water thrashed him about controlling his life and deciding where to take him next. He eventually reached the pool of water I was standing in, where he too swam over, as we looked at each other with enormous grins on our faces we couldn’t help ourselves but completely be immersed in fits of laughter. Making it out of the water to get re-clothed my guide walks up to me with my camera, handing it to me he smiles and says “you guys are crazy”. Yea we may be crazy and a little bit stupid, but I believe the things we decide to do for fun outdoors with no technology is a much greater experience than to be at home watching TV, playing video games or surfing the net. Nothing can beat true adventure.
Myself and Gabriel survived

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