World wonder Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Do it!

Taj MahalWhat’s better than the Taj Mahal? Sneaking around the back of it right by the river where there are no tourists, no hassle and loads of monkeys playing about and hanging from trees. It makes for some great photo opportunities but don’t get too close. Your face may get ripped right off as mine nearly was.  Agra is famous for the Taj, but that’s not the only cool place to visit in this little town
From Varanasi, we (I was traveling with Ash a friend I made) slugged it out on the general sleeper class carriage overnight, fitting right into the Indian culture, except we had white skin and were showered. The general sleeper class isn’t bad at all for budget travelers but if you are looking for a little more cleanliness, head for the 1, 2 or 3 Air Conditioned classes which are still reasonably cheap. Anyway hopping off the Indian Rail early in the morning we bartered for a tuk tuk towards some sort of accommodation/guest house.
Luckily for us all the guest houses are really close together and right by the Taj Mahal. We guest house shopped for about 20 mins until we found one with an irresistible view and although it was a little more expensive than Varanasi, only cost us 300 Indian Rupee each ($6.00). There are many guest houses within 500-600 meters of the Taj Mahal which is where ours was located for a short walk to the entry. If you are heading there in peak season it may be worth pre-booking accommodation for confirmation of a bed instead of just arriving as I usually do.
A ticket to the Taj will set you back 750 Rupee, excessively more than what the Indians will pay at 250 Rupee but as you know being a tourist costs. The best time to see the Taj Mahal is at sunrise, so we got up nice and early with our lunches bought the evening before and headed off to the gate to be one of the first to get in at opening, 6am. Tip – don’t take food because it will be taken off you and thrown out. We were prepared to stay there for the day with our lunches packed all to see them chucked in the bin. You need no longer than 2-3 hours at the absolute most to see the Taj and once you are done there, it is easy to either walk or tuk tuk to the Agra Fort which boasts more incredible views of the Taj from a distance. The Agra fort is far less crowded where you can make your way around it quite simply. Ash and I only spent one morning in Agra seeing both the Taj and the Fort to be back at our guest house by 10.30 am where we relaxed for the duration of the day. Although re-energized we still woke up late and rushed to the railway station (hoping our train was delayed) to our next stop of Jaipur.
Yet again I took way too many photo’s but below are just a few;
taj mahal
taj mahal
Myself still half asleep
Agra Fort with the Taj in the distance
Inside the Agra Fort
The Taj Mahal really is breath taking but you won’t need to spend all day there, if you have more questions about Agra, India or anywhere for that matter, don’t be shy and head to the contact page to ask away.
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