Where I get my cheap accommodation for the budget travelers

We all know booking accommodation can be such a drag sometimes. I have been battling with finding cheap accommodation to book online since my travels begun back in 2009 and I still find myself constantly hunting high and low for the deal of the century (they are out there). Yes I may just be a master when it comes to Google, but that doesn’t hide the fact I have wasted vast amounts of time researching for great accommodation online. Although, as you know this is a part of traveling and if you do it right you can save big bucks.
accommodationAmong the endless accommodation sites that I have discovered, there is one that I choose above all. They consider all angles from price to quality, to basic campsites and luxury hotels. If I am to book anywhere on a budget, which is pretty much all the time, it’s through Hostelbookers. You can’t call yourself a true backpacker unless you know about Hostelbookers and if you’re only just discovering it on Aus Globetrotter, well you can thank me later because Hostelbookers is where it’s at!
Why is it so good though? Oh just because they have no booking fees, yes you did just read that, NO BOOKING FEES! That’s pretty good right. Not only that but they are also on their way to becoming the number one website for backpackers, student travel, and every traveler looking for great budget accommodation.  In one of their recent surveys they revealed that 70% of their customers are between 18-35 years old, mostly students and backpackers looking for fun and affordable places to stay and meet other travelers. So not only is it cheap, but when booking accommodation through them we are bound to meet awesome people.
I also like how lazy I can be when booking through Hostelbookers as it’s just so easy to choose accommodation. All I do is type in the city, town or destination a list of hostels/hotels will appear with a percentage rating from customer reviews (just like tripadvisor) and a price per night. I can then read the best two which are usually at the top of the page and determine which is closer to public transport from the great little map they have that indicates the location, then I simply book.


It’s all too easy and since using this site I rarely bother with the search engines. Now I choose to book through Hostelbookers as my bank account is happier and that allows me to prolong traveling which makes me much happier too.

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