The bizarre people you meet along the way

Everywhere in the world of course you run into funny, bizarre, weird, different and odd people. But as you travel extensively, the chance of coming across these types of people increases as you constantly meet new people every day. On my last trip I distinctly remember one strange character that left an imprint in my memory bank.

Ash listening, but get getting stuck into his bakery treat
My travel buddy at the time (Ash, who I met along the way) and I had only a limited amount of time in Jaipur, India. We were on a tight schedule to see as much of the place as humanly possible within a short time span. With one afternoon up our sleeves we found ourselves walking through the city center of Jaipur, amongst the bustling traffic and vegetable/meat markets. Becoming peckish, Ash stopped at a bakery type stall to buy a snack. Understanding English the attendant had a burning desire to meet someone who could not only speak English but also write. “Hey do you have one minute of your time to write me a short letter? I need to contact someone very special to me”. Ash looked at me puzzled when I hinted via body language, are you kidding me, let’s get away from this creepazoid. Ash being the considerate gentleman he is, decided “okay then just a short letter”. I walked behind them both towards a courtyard, rolling my eyes and dragging my feet in embarrassment as the man praised Ash. “Okay thank you, thank you, it will be quick I know in my head what to write. I tell and you will write okay”. “Ummm haha alright then”, Ash giggled.


As this guy began dictating, we realized this is no ordinary letter. This is a love letter. A letter to a lady friend in England, who the man had fallen in love with. He was looking to re-kindle their love by suggesting she pay another visit to India.
Sitting down in the courtyard, Ash wrote the letter while I stayed in the vicinity, trying to amuse myself and capture some cool photos. Impatiently Ash assumed the man was wrapping it up when he insisted “You turn page over and finish on other side”. Un-impressed and pressed for time, Ash nudged him to finish it up and we started to make our way to visit more of the city.
Writing the love letter
That is until the man chased after us along the side walk, trying to show his appreciation by giving us tips on the city. Arrogantly we said, “It’s okay, we know; don’t worry about us we know what we are doing”. We desperately wanted to get on with our day. However the man wouldn’t allow us to leave without his advice being acknowledged. Despite Ash’s sincere kindness and help I couldn’t deal with him any longer after our frustrating day of trains, busses and tuk tuk’s. It all got the better of me when I spoke completely over him, “Listen mate, we are really busy and you just want to talk”, shutting him down with a low blow.
Cruising through the city I felt as though I had been a slight bit too brutal towards our so called friend. So later that afternoon we came across him and I apologized for my harshness. He accepted and obviously understood as we got along quite well after that. He even invited us for some chai tea (one of my favorite things in India), with which he won us over. Chilling out and chatting for over an hour, the subject yet again didn’t shy away from love and women. Throughout our afternoon chat, we discovered this man is not actually a Muslim. This man is far from it as we jokingly discussed Karma Sutra and other crazy things that would be far too much adult content for this site. Whether the man’s stories were exaggerated, nonfiction or not, this man was one atypical character.  Without prompting he described his whole life story of sexual encounters with various foreigners from all over the world. This man was either an Indian playboy or just one twisted mother f*#k%r, with the stories he came out with. Stories he said we could “never mention again” in India. Ha! and I wonder why.
Now you know someone is out of the ordinary when they are telling you their life stories of sexual encounters upon your first meeting. Although bizarre, it was quite entertaining and these characters are all over the globe. What unusual people have you stumbled across on your travels?

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