Try not to get played, in New Delhi, India

New DehliNew Delhi, wow, what can I say it is extremely busy, not as crazy and condensed as the Holy City of Varanasi but it sure is crowded. New Delhi people will try and scam you for anything and everything so just have your wits about you. It’s hard to put a certain level of trust in someone but sometimes you have to and then hope for the best. We (Ash and I) did this upon arrival
at the Delhi (not New Delhi) Railway Station, where we believed (read on the internet and were told by fellow travelers) we could catch the metro from the train station. To which every Indian promptly told us no, the Metro is not even close to the train station. Tired and admitting defeat we settled for a tuk-tuk and as we drove about 150m down the road we passed a sign reading “Metro Station”. We had just been played and knew it from the get go.
New Dehli
These guys are accountants working out on the
street, still using type writers
We got dropped off by our tuk-tuk at the main bazaar to be yet again swamped with vendors trying to win us over to stay in their guest houses. I give some of them credit though, they are incredibly persistent and one man did take us to some cheap guest house. We did knock back at least 6 or 7 along the way until we found the right one and the vendor could gain his miniscule snippet of commission.
new dehli
Cows are sacred and everywhere

Main Bazar Rd in Paharaganj, New Delhi is where you ought to head for, well everything. It’s the street directly out the front of the New Delhi Railway Station. On this road are the cheapest of guest houses to the more upper market/semi luxurious hotel style guest houses. The great thing about this is you can walk out the front door and you are close to all the great restaurants, which are also reasonably priced. The road is chocked with street vendors, shops, little travel agents (be carefully they don’t rip you off) and it’s within walking distance to the Central Park.

New Dehli
Plenty of alley cats around
Whilst there are a few things to see and do in New Delhi, Ash and I just wanted to rest and have a break from seeing temples and tourist attractions. What a lot of people do is use New Delhi as a base and head off on day trips or overnight trips to see other parts of India from there. Usually they book these trips through travel agents or plan them in New Delhi, which can be a great way to see India, but that’s just not my style of travel.
New Dehli
Main Bazaar Rd.
I loved the Main Bazar though for the restaurants of all things because there were so many great places to choose from. However I stumbled across one that could not be beaten on value (great food!) for money and we ate there a few times, it’s called the German Bakery and it will not disappoint, I assure. If you are heading to the airport from Main Bazar Rd, you can take the train but it is just as cheap and easier to take a cab. A taxi shouldn’t cost you no more than 300 rupee (US$6.00) and if you find one cheaper, well hats off to you because I couldn’t.

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