How to choose where to travel

where to travel

Choosing where to travel, oh how daunting and sometimes difficult it may be. But you can now relax, there are steps to simplify the process and narrow down the possible destinations, which is exactly what I’m going show you. However before I proceed, give yourself a huge pat on the back, high five your travel buddy or just do a little dance because congratulations for either beginning your first trip or continuing on with your journey, good on you!
This subject of “where to travel” is something that a lot of people face and I should have touched on this long ago, although it wasn’t until I was asked, “How do you select your next destination?” on the Fan Pagethat put the thought into my head. So thank you and this post is dedicated to that and all of you who are a little stuck in your decision making.
Procrastinating about where to go can lead to utter confusion and clutter your thoughts, so usually its best to take a step back and re-evaluate. Although we may need to go back to the drawing board, there are only 3 important points we have to consider to make the correct decisions. Interest being the first, because you should always do what you love and makes you happy no matter what. Time is also incredibly important because there is no point in going somewhere and not having the time to accomplish everything you desire. Although the main dictator of it all (for most of us) is money, more often than not, this is what we base our decisions around.
Interest – So, this being the first step, we need to choose what we want to do. If you’re travelling solo this step can be narrowed down to just your interest. However, the more people you have participating on the trip the more difficult it is to consider everyone’s interest and if the group is large, some sacrifices will probably have to be made.
For example when I think of my interests, I like to travel for surfing, snowboarding, scuba and free diving, photography, hiking and I also love the cheaper 3rd world countries for their culture differences and food. Occasionally I try to go to places where I can do at least 1 or more of my passions, which is something you should consider when you’re travelling in a group, to find somewhere that appeals to most attendees interests so everyone is happy with where you choose to go.
It may even pay off to write a list of all the interests and cross off the ones that seem to be too hard to fulfil and eventually narrow it down. Examples to help with the list could include tourist attractions, specific countries, activities such as hiking, kayaking, sightseeing and many more, your list could be endless.
Once you know what you want to travel for you can start the not so fun part which is research. You could save a lot of money by researching online and put that money you saved towards the trip (my suggestion). Or you could consult with a travel agent what place might be the best fit for you/the group.
Time – We all know this is a major factor and the key decider is how long you/the group can get off work? If getting time off work is no problem that is awesome, all you need to do is find out how long you should stay in each place? The answer to this is simple; you stay as long as you desire to achieve whatever activities you wish to do in each place. So researching again will need to be done to unveil how long you need for each activity. There is one more thing that can change all this, which is the most important of all and that is money.
Money – Ahh yes, if only we had enough of this we wouldn’t have trouble deciding where to go or for how long . . . or would we? That being beside the point, money (for most of us) is going to determine where we go and how long for. With us now knowing what we want to do, where and how long it takes we need to evaluate if we can afford it (solo or as a group) or not.
If you are unable to afford this than you may need to go back a few steps and either find a cheaper location where you can go and do/see everything you wanted initially. Or cut the costs by not spending as long at your destination/s. Although if you can afford it, well Halleluiah! Book it in, embark on your next journey and keep living the dream!

I hope I helped by narrowing it down to the 3 most important points. If you want to add to this with your suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you have any additional questions/queries I am more than happy to help.

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