An amazing Europe road trip over 14,000 miles, through 16 countries, in 1 car with 4 people

road tripEurope has always been high on my list, I wanted to see as much as possible and what better way to do this than with an epic road trip with your mates. With 2 stop over’s in Thailand and Greece on the way from Australia we made it to England and proceeded to buy our home for the next 4 months, a mini bus. Gutting the mini bus and removing the seats, we then constructed a bed, along with storage room and of course, the surfboard racks. 4 lads covering 18 countries (including Greece and Thailand) in 4 months you could only imagine the trouble we got up to. We witnessed and had more fun than we could have ever expected. With many hilarious, thrilling and informative stories to come, here is a quick taste of the countries we visited and why.

Previous to the road trip even starting, we set off from Aus to make it to the loose Swedish midsummer party at Ios in the Greek Islands. But, not before stopping off in Thailand though, home of the wild Full Moon Party, lady boys, alcohol, ping pong shows and elephant rides. This wasn’t our initial plan but, we found it cheaper to fly to Thailand than directly to Athens from Australia. So we saved about $500 which allowed us to have a “free” 2 week holiday in Thailand. Travel tip – if possible, take indirect flights because they can save you big bucks. Thailand is one incredible place and if you haven’t been add that to your list right now. With those two weeks gone it was over to the Greek Islands for another 2 weeks of parting, which nearly ended us.

Arriving in London (where they wanted to detain me) we saw the sights for a few days before purchasing our van and besides the struggle to insure our van, we finally embarked on the Euro road trip. First stop was Pamplona, Spain for the running of the bull’s festival. After which we drove down the east coast of Spain to Barcelona, Valencia and ended up at a party in Barbate following a crazy sandstorm. Searching for surf we headed across to Lagos in Portugal where more partying was had until we pulled our fingers

out, brought some sleds (surfboards) and headed north in search of waves. After surfing our way up the west coast of Portugal we drove up the beautiful country side of the Bask region (northern Spain and into France), into San Sebastian (Spain), over to Biarritz and up to Capbreton (my favorite surf spot) and Hossegor in France. Heading east again our boards were no longer needed and we sold them for a bleak 25 Euros each (un-happy face). Our adventure then continued across France to Monaco. Rolling into one of the world’s most expensive countries in our LDV convoy van, we four scraggy looking dudes didn’t fit in at all.

Moving on and into Italy our first stop was Pisa for a few touristic happy snaps that lasted no longer than 2 hours before southward we went on to Rome. This city lives up to everything great you hear about it and is certainly worth a visit for at least 4-5days. Although loving Rome, we did have to part our ways and continue our journey that took us to our next stop in Venice. Trying to fit in as much as possible before our Schengen zone visa expired, we couldn’t stay to much longer in Italy and we drove on to Croatia. This country was one of my favorites for its incredible coastline from Split, stopping off to Hvar Island and all the way down to
Aus Globetrotter

Dubrovnik, where we pushed our cliff jumping limits and stepped up to the plate for a 19m jump! On our way back up through Croatia, we couldn’t go past Plitvice as it is one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, although we did get fined for sleeping in the national park.

Next up was Slovenia, a country we initially didn’t plan to visit. But as it goes, sometimes the best things you do are unplanned and this was one of them. It’s a typically beautiful European style city with a river running through its center, where we wined and dined. Oddly enough here we witnessed a naked women casual as anything being painted right in the middle of the street. Next stop

was Soiofok in Hungry, a place we were recommended to visit and it did not disappoint. Staying on a lake with cable skiing and many water activities we also partied it up by night as per usual. North from there we camped out in Budapest for a few days, checking out the great sights, with a pumping nightlife full of fun. Next stop Bratislava, where some of the most stunning women I have ever seen before reside. Up north in the Czech Republic we made a quick overnight stop in Olomouc prior to our wild nights out in Prague, another highly beautiful and recommended city to visit.

Over to the east, Poland provided us with a much needed break from alcohol as we became students of history when we visited the concentration camps in Auschwitz, right after a relaxed evening in the city centre of Krakow. Our next stop was Berlin, where I marked this amazing city as number 3 on my top 5 favorite cities of all time (blog post to come). Unfortunately, leaving Berlin we rolled into one of the biggest and best festival in the world, the Oktober
road trip

Fest in Munich! This was the party of all parties and I can’t wait to write a blog about this one too. With some severely sore heads we had to push on, and over to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Staying here for a few nights, our last leg of the trip took us south to Brussels and Bruge in Belgium before we dejectedly caught the ferry back to England.

With limited time I will certainly be heading back to Europe to try and cover what I missed, along with some of my favorite places from this trip. Although I could always do with a few more ideas for the places I missed. Where is your favorite place in Europe and why?
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