Don’t get stuck, get out there and live!

liveNot long ago a mate of mine asked me an admirable question about becoming stuck. “What do you do when you’re travelling and you get stuck in a town or a place for longer than a year?”
Putting together an answer, I found that this can be related to anyone, anywhere in the world, either at home or travelling.
For people who want to get out there and commence a new journey or for those who need a little inspiration to persist with the journey they have already started.
Even though my mate’s wanderlust for travelling is indisputably strong, which is an advantage, he still obviously fell in love with a place where he ended up staying for, well, longer than expected. This by all means is not at all a bad thing either.
I for one certainly don’t blame him. There are that many undeniably awe striking, I want to stay here forever type places in this world.  For those of you who are seasoned travellers, I don’t doubt you have come across at least one, if not a handful or more of these types of places upon your travels.
Why do we get stuck though? I wouldn’t say we get stuck, comfortable is more the term and this happens quite easily in a place that has the ability to touch us. A place we obviously love, where we struggle to leave our comfort zone and move forward. A place where we have shared an abundance of unforgettable memories with the incredibly great people we met, all to pack up and leave.
In saying that though, it would just be such a shame to not move on and discover the profusion of amazing places there are on our planet. Who is to say you won’t also meet more incredibly awesome people to compose just as good if not superior memories with.

Because you will, and the more places you go to the more people you will meet.

When it comes time to leave though and that dreaded occasion for goodbyes has arrived. Don’t say goodbye. Instead to those special people you bonded with, thank them for the cherished times you spent together and say “I will see you later”. “See you later” because you will more than likely see each other again, probably even sooner than you might imagine.
So I say pack up, get nervous to travel again and embark on a new adventure. I still to this day get that butterfly stomach feeling before I leave a place of comfort (staying somewhere longer than usual) to head off to unfamiliar territory. However this feeling also excites me. It’s telling me I am still very much alive and that I have a whole world ahead of me to conquer where new and great things will happen.
What helps you move on from a place you don’t necessarily want to leave? We would love to hear your opinion/advice here on Aus Globetrotter in the comments box below. 

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