Pisa, Italy – is the leaning tower really worth your time?

pisaHeading to Rome as our next stop (4 mates on a Euro road trip) from Monaco was quite a long drive. So with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the most famousmonuments in the world being along the way, we thought it would be worth our while to take a break there and check it out.

Arriving early in the morning was one of the best things we could have done. I highly recommend doing this in order to beat the crowds because it does get super busy. Pulling up pretty much about 150m from the actual bell tower we parked by an entrance to the area (not too sure this was legal) and strolled in.
I didn’t have my stop watch on but I am guessing we spent no more than an hour there to get our touristic shots by the tower, stroll around and inform ourselves of the history within Pisa’s Cathedral Square.
The leaning tower of Pisa in Tuscany is at first glance quite amazing, although I am not convinced it’s worth your time and money, especially if you are thinking of travelling to Pisa solely for the purpose of seeing the famous bell tower. There are an abundance of amazing sites and attractions all throughout Italy that would be certainly more worthy of your time and money.
I can’t say I am a history major or the slightest bit religious but Italy certainly interested me with its ancient history, sights, religious tales and oh yea the gelato. I loved the gelato! But ice-cream aside, if you are travelling to, or even through Italy on a timeframe or budget I highly recommend spending your time in either Rome, Florence or the romantic city of Venice.
Again, I am not saying the history of the tower is completely boring. It was constructed back in 1173 which took between 185-195 years over a 344 year span and it did make it through WWII. However Venice, Florence and Rome have touristic sights that were built many more centuries ago which endured more drastic amounts of world change than Pisa.
That is why I believe if you are travelling to Italy for its outstanding history, attractions and even religion don’t bother with the leaning tower of Pisa. Especially those on budgets and timeframes.
So trying not to bag out the famous leaning tower, I simply and honestly just wasn’t wooed over. Have you visited, and what where your thoughts?

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