How to do Rome and why

romeSure Rome is super old, being founded in 753 BC, but this is what makes the city so exceptionally amazing.  Some of its architecture dates back to over two and a half thousand years and they even have archeologically evidence of human occupation from approximately 14,000 years ago! No wonder this ancient city is the 11th most visited city in the world.

Usually when I travel I simply arrive and arrange accommodation, activities and decide how long I will roughly stay once I get some local info (the most trusted source). However, there a few cities in the world that you should never do this with and Rome is one of them. Fortunately my mates and I (4 mates road tripping Europe) pre-planned this stop (which rarely happens) and booked a camp site.
Not knowing how to tackle or in what order to tackle the vast amount of historic sites Rome has to offer, we headed to the camp reception shortly after arrival for some insight and advice.  This is where we found a winning deal, where we purchased a 3 day OMINIA Rome & Vatican pass for 85 Euro each.
Us being tourist at the Vatican
The pass allowed us to skip the lines and queues at all the tourist sites, public transport for the 3 days and anaudio guide for the majority of sites. It was the best thing we could have done saving us a lot of time and money.
Within the 3 days in Rome we visited The Vatican, the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, The Vatican Gardens, The Catacombs and a fair few other sites. The OMINIA Vatican & Rome pass was worth every penny. I highly suggest this for all visitors heading to Rome, click hereto find out more details on the official website.
Even if you are heading to Rome and decide against the 3 day pass. Do yourself a huge favour and grab audio guides especially through the Vatican museum. I find that using audio guides everywhere (not just in Rome) is important. You could find yourself looking at something incredible but not know its history, sure a few sights have a small information plaque, but a lot don’t and this means you may end up missing an incredible amount of  amazing history.
Not only that, but knowing the history of something whilst physically looking at the site will help you really appreciate it much more than if you knew nothing about it.

Tourists yet again in the Colosseum
My favourite sights here were; the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museum where Michelangelo and Raphael’s paintings, among the many others were no less than outstanding. Back in those days time was taken to create true artistic pieces of work, some of which even took over 7+ years for the paintings.
Being summer in Rome I have to admit it was a struggle to get around and view all the sites we did, due to the 40+ degree heat. The main killer for us was that we were used to wearing only board shorts, however here our shoulders and knees had to be covered to enter the basilicas and a few other sites. Although the heat was uncontrollable another great thing in Rome is the drinkable water outlets scattered all throughout the city.
Whilst I am not the greatest history buff nor do I love visiting highly overcrowded tourist destinations, I found Rome honestly unbelievable and will definitely go there again. So if you find yourself in Europe, a visit to Rome is something that will not let you down. But remember to pre-book accommodation, grab a 3 day OMINIA pass and pack yourself suitable clothes for entry, sunscreen and a water bottle especially in summer.

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