How I can travel the world for so long

Being home for a few weeks I got to catch up with many of my mates, one of whom is in the Army and was in town visiting. He tells his mates tales about when we travelled together and how I am still on the road. After realizing how long I have been globetrotting
how i can travelfor, the usual questions were being asked. “Hey how does he afford it? Does he work? Save up? Sell his body? Or did he simply win the lottery?” Whilst this is no big secret and unfortunately I am not loaded from winning the lottery, I want to show you how I can travel the world and afford it, which you can do too.

When I come back home to Aus I live at home for a few months, which allows me to pocket a few dollars. I also have a great job and an employer that usually takes me back as soon as I get home. I am lucky with that; I seem to come back at the right time when they are busy. When I call them up its beginning to be a bit of a joke now as they answer and say “Ohhh hey, it’s the boomerang, you finally came back again”
A lot of people simply can’t comprehend how I am able to afford to go away for so long. It does make it a bit hard to understand when majority of people who go away usually spend a few thousand dollars in a few weeks or more. But what most people who ask me this question don’t realize is that when I go away it’s not for a

vacation, it’s a lifestyle now. Travel is what I do. Going on a vacation you can afford to spend a lot more money, generally because you saved specifically for that vacation. You also generally take paid leave, so there will be positive cash flow going into your account, either while you’re away from work or when you get back. The thing with me is I need to make my money last, I don’t go sit by the pool bar everyday and get hammered on booze, wine and dine in expensive restaurants, book nice air-conditioned hotels and taxi rides everywhere. For me it is not exactly the total opposite, on the rare occasion I do indulge, but not over excessively. I need to budget and be thrifty to prolong my trip.

Yes, I am a big saver (or a typical tight ass budget traveller), but these aren’t the only areas in which I save big on, it’s with my flights. When people go on vacation they tend to book their flights on certain dates because that is when they have time away from work. This sometimes can work out in their favour but often because you have set dates you are limited to how cheap your flights can be. Also their flights can seem expensive when they only have a limited time away. When I fly overseas I (budget traveller again) spend as long as possible away to gain more value from my flights, I also have no set dates (most of the time).
But where does my money come from. All my friends are quite skeptical of what I have stashed away in what seems to them to be a bottomless bank account. It isn’t, and hopefully one day it will be, but for now and ever since I have been alive it’s not loaded with all the riches. Honestly my biggest secret is being tight. Yes, I am a tight ass and what budget traveller isn’t? In my defense though, I am living my dream and I do have endless amounts of fun besides being a little stingy. So what I mean by being tight is only buying what I need. Of course I will always need food and water and would never start missing meals to save money. Although I have been known to eat cheaper meals just like any saver/budget-er would do to prolong their trip. For me everything I do is to prolong the trip, even when I am home. I try to only buy what I need and if I can use it for when I next travel the purchase is a greater investment. So my BIGGEST TIP is, DON’T BUY CRAP YOU DON’T NEED.
To travel you will need money, so save it! Just like anything in life, if you want it bad enough you will do/get it. So save every penny you can (it’s what I did). Once you have it all sitting there, you can then make your money earn money by placing it in a high interest

account. If you accumulate enough and you may not need to use it right away, put it in a TERM DEPOSIT.

I have done this and it does help. But honestly I have only had 3 jobs on my travels and they never paid well at all. My first job was over in Big White, Canada I shovelled snow for about 2 months. In Egypt I did my dive masters course so I could work as a scuba diver and take people diving every day. I only earned enough to get by and while I wasn’t earning and was doing my training I worked in a bar which paid next to nothing, but I got a meal each time and enough to buy food for the day which helped yet again. It’s all about prolonging the trip.
Every since I was 15, I wanted to be rich so I studied the stock market. With help from my father and many study lessons on my days off from school or work I would try to make myself as knowledgeable as possible in this area. When I turned 18 I opened up my own online trading account and have been trading on the stock market ever since. While this has not been very profitable lately as you could imagine with the global economy down. I have made some money from this and will continue to invest, although this is not a main income, I rely more on my savings.
In summary, it’s honestly not hard to save your money as long as you are dedicated. I have friends that leave home with a few thousand dollars and go get a job in a foreign country and then save up a little money from that job and move to another country and do the same again. It’s a great way to see the world, especially if you are not great at saving, but for me, most of the money I use for travelling is from working hard and saving. If you need any more tips, advice or questions on this subject don’t be shy to contact me and ask.
How are you able to afford your travels, do you save, travel and work or were you lucky enough with the lottery unlike me?
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