Driving the stunning Basque region of Spain to partying in San Sebastian

Progressing with our surf safari we were unable to discover any breaking surf (surfable waves) anywhere in Spain, so what do we do when there is no surf . . . Party! That’s right and what better place to party than in San Sebastian, Spain.  San Sebastian is a holiday location to a huge variety of backpackers throughout Europe which is why this town makes for some awesome nights out.

Before all the partying began we cruised through the spectacular Basque region in the north of Spain. From Bakio to Mundaka and ending in San Sebastian, the country side scenery between these towns is nothing but awe-striking. A quick stop off in Mundaka along the way was high on the list as we wanted to scope out this hip little surf town for its famous waves(they used to hold a surfing WCT event here every year).
Unfortunately and in all honesty, we couldn’t even see any waves at all. Not only was it high tide but the swell was not even close to big enough. Without surf we decided that a casual stroll would do us well, besides it gives us a break from being cramped up in the house (van) all day.

Myself at Mundaka, not even breaking 🙁
Mundaka is actually quite a cool little town, all the youth seem to hang out and swim by the pier whilst the families and older crew eat tapas and casually drink at the little bars and pubs around the town. It is a super laid back place with a chilled out vibe and had there been surf I could just as well fallen in love with the place (there’s always next time).
On the drive out and looking for somewhere to pull up for the night we stumbled across a free camping ground! Either that or it was someone’s land and they oddly decided to place camping facilities on it (toilets, fireplaces, table and chairs). So if you are road tripping through the beautiful Basque country and in need of somewhere nice to pull up, and free, I highly recommend Mundaka.
Finally pulling into San Seb, the drive to our campsite was on one truly amazing coastal cliff road, similar to the great ocean road in Australia but higher in altitude with a clearer turquoise blue sea

The amazing Basque coastline, northern Spain

below. Rising the next morning we headed down to the beach for a man tan session and a swim but, Holy Smokes! There were some b-e-a-utiful looking women around; yet again we boys were thrilled with the amount of eye candy.

Proceeding on and into town, we just casually strolled about taking in the San Seb scenery when a French and Aussie girl approached us. Once again though, it was just another few people trying to sell us a pub crawl(boat cruise & pub crawl in this case) ticket, which is quite standard in cities throughout Europe. However this deal was slightly more appetizing. All you can drink sangria or beer for 2 hours on a boat cruise and free entry to all the clubs that evening, including a free shot at the last club for only 25 Euro, SOLD. 
That afternoon we waited by the dock for the captain who happened to be running late, not only that but a few minutes into the boat cruise we feel the boat slowing and an odd scratching noise. “What the hell” the 40 of us party goers onboard thought to ourselves as we glanced over the side of the boat from the top deck.
Beautiful streets of Spain
No way, the captain is drunker than all of us on the boat put together. He just steered our boat into a collision with another boat making its way back into the mariner. Our boat entirely collected and tore the railing just about off the boat opposite. We all were flabbergasted and stood looking on in amazement, pinching ourselves to try and comprehend if that really just happened.
Without alarm nor acknowledgement our captain didn’t even cease to slow down. “We are in for one hell of a ride” I commented to my neighbor on my left. I presume the captain either lost his job upon returning or created some damage for his business.
Thankfully making it back safe and sound, however not quite drunk yet as our bodies became less affected by the copious amounts of liquor we had induced in the previous months. Into the first bar we headed where we were drinking a whole lot of 2 Euro shots, this was when everybody from the boat became not just drunk but wasted.
 Afterwards it was on to another bar I can’t even remember the name of, although I can recall everybody wearing cowboy hats. It was like buy a drink; get a hat night or something in there. Leaving this bar far too intoxicated, my night became a little bit blurred. Apparently there was something to do with public nudity and getting told to leave our campground the next morning for being too loud. I can’t say I disagree because I certainly felt it was time to move on after coming out unscathed from that episode of partying.
Where in Europe have you been on an awesome pub crawl, boat cruise or a wild night out that we should all know about for our next visit to Europe?

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