The Chief World Explorer

I pledge I will be the greatest Chief World Explorer in …… well, the world!Just last week a very kind friend of mine posted a link on my Facebook. It was an opportunity to do exactly what I am doing as a travel blogger for you guys, although it would be fully funded!

Is that not just the “Greatest Job around the World” or what. Well that’s exactly what they are calling it and you and I both know I am the man for the job. You know what that means too, more killer content for Aus Globetrotter and we may even become famous! Wooooo

Here I come Jauntaroo!
The Job is from Jauntaroo and yes it pays handsomely, however I don’t really want the job for the money. After all I don’t make money doing what I am doing on here anyway as it is something I am passionate about. If I can help people to fulfil their travel dreams and goals, well my life is complete.
I do want to become the Chief World Explorer though because it will make me a better writer, a better photographer and it will assist me to even become a pro videographer. 

This is all not just beneficial to me, but also to you and then even still we wouldn’t be the only people benefitting. Because as a Chief World Explorer I will be granted opportunities to assist and help people in need and that is worth much more than money. 

So here I will leave a link to the video, and I would appreciate it if you could possibly take 10-15 seconds out of your hectic schedule to be ever so kind to check it out and vote (by LIKING my video). 

Thanks everyone, hope you all like the video, and there will be plenty more to come. Stay awesome guys, Jaryd

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