3 MAJOR MONEY SAVING TIPS to prolong your travels

We all want to be abroad for as long as possible and sometimes (which is most of the time for us budget travellers) we have to make some sacrifices. However in the long run it’s always well worth those sacrifices when you look back and realize how awesome those extra few days, weeks or even months were, just due to some money saving tips.
Not only did you get to stay longer but you have those tremendous memories and stories, like the time you “Couch surfed in the Bronx” or “Ate rice and beans for 3 months in Mexico” (2 blogs I am yet to write).
money saving tips
Anything you can do to prolong the trip helps, whether it is bunking on a mate’s floor for a week or two, catching buses instead of taxis or even eating plain old rice and tuna for a month. Ha, jokes aside, I did do this, with mayonnaise and slap your mumma salt of course for some additional flavour. It did help me stay in Whistler for an extra 3 weeks of snowboarding and I got to tell you guys how I lived like a bum for 3 weeks of my life, which is how my mates perceive me to live all the time anyways.
In all seriousness though the longer we are away from a work life, responsibilities and bills, the better. So here are 3 MAJOR MONEY SAVING TIPS to help prolong your travels.
1.       Transportation – If you can train instead of fly, bus instead of train, walk instead of bus or swim instead of boat, what? Except for that last one, which is a bit farfetched, these are ways to save a lot of coin whilst travelling. Obviously sometimes we need to fly due to time frames which can be inevitable. But ground transport is usually a lot cheaper (depending on distance) and there is no better way to see a country in my opinion.
2.       Accommodation – We all know that when you’re asleep there is no difference in what the room may look like, so why even bother getting a fancy room if your eyes are shut? Staying in hostels is a great way to not only save on accommodation but meet some great people. Most people don’t realize you can get private rooms in hostels and these are still cheaper than hotels. If I were to book into a hotel at every destination I’ve been to, I would have seen only half the countries that I have visited along with making half the amount of friends that I did. So next time you want to stay a little longer, try a hostel, or a camp ground. If you are feeling adventurous you should even try couch surfing(highly recommended).
3.       Food – okay now this may be a touchy subject for all you foodies and I am a huge believer in trying the flavours of each country I visit. However, there is no need to eat at fancy restaurants every meal. Sure we need to spoil ourselves every now and then, but the street food and the local eateries are where it’s at! Not only is it loads cheaper, you will also be surprised in how delicious the food is at majority of these local places. Also if your accommodation has breakfast included, jump on that instead of forking out extra dough for breakfast. Pardon the pun/s in that sentence.

When it comes to money saving tips to extend our travel time the list is basically endless. With these being the three essential things we need in life to actually live and travel, what are some of your favourite money saving tips whilst you travel? We would love for you to share them.

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