Bugger Society, Travel!

How many times do we get to live? Stupid question right, we all know the answer is once, but we never seem to pick up on this in our super busy, fast moving lives.
So the next question is. Are you doing what you really want with/in your life?
Okay I understand that is a tough question to answer. But sometimes we need to just take a step back and have a good hard look to see if what we are doing, or where we are headed is what we truly want to do or where we really want to be going.
Most importantly, are we happy with what we are doing?
It’s no one’s fault of course, it’s just what we know from birth. It’s what we see every day, how our family and friends grow up and how they live.We are brought up to believe that we will be happy if we finish school, get a career, a decent car, eventually put a deposit on a house and settle down.

Settle down though. Really?  Excuse me for saying, but doesn’t the word settle make you cringe? I would hate to think what it actually means. However, I did take to the dictionary and discovered the unpleasant meaning of the word “settle” and how society subconsciously pushes us through this imperceptible funnel to end up at settle.

From the dictionary; the word “settle” is a verb, it can mean;
1.   Pay money owed to someone
2.   Fall and rest on ground
3.   Gradually sink down
4.   Make someone comfortable
5.   Stop flying and land
6.   Move downwards
7.   Stop floating
Wow, that is all kind of scary, considering that’s what we are brought up to believe and what we are “supposed” to do with our lives. Who is to say we should, gradually sink, move downwards, stop floating or even stop flying and land? That doesn’t sound like a very fun filled and adventurous life if you ask me.Maybe once we are too old to move, settling is something we each may eventually have to do. But, before it is too late, surely a wise move to make would be to get out there and see what this world is composed of. Yet even better see what you are composed of. We aren’t getting any younger, we only have one life and our time does become limited by the day.
Bugger society, travel
Myself in IOS, Greek Islands
Last time I checked, people should live their life, not the life that someone else wants or believes they should live. Some people may see this as selfish, but haters just hate because they are jealous and not brave enough to take control of their own lives.
So why should we “settle” for what society wants us to do and instead start living a life that will make us so happy that when we smile we make others smile too.
Flip the coin and look to yourself to be audacious, courageous, and exploratory. Because after all you owe it to yourself to travel the world.
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