How to travel in style on a budget – Guest Post

Tickets to paradise
Travelling on a budget sounds boring and out of fashion, but actually it’s not. Tourism is all about enjoyment, and you don’t need to spend thousands of bucks to enjoy yourself at a tourist spot. There are numerous destinations that can be visited on a budget without compromising on style.


Enjoying South Asian Culture

South Asian countries include Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal. The first two countries are most popular for tourism. You can enjoy vacations in these two countries by spending no more than 30 dollars a day. Room rents in normal hotels cost around $20, and $10 are enough for having 2 full meals and a snack, as well as for paying a rickshaw or taxi fare. Pakistan’s northern region is filled with some of the world’s most beautiful mountains including the Karakoram and the Himalayas. India has all sorts of terrain, from tropical forests having wild tigers, elephants, monkeys, zebras etc.. to mountains of Shimla and sunny beaches of Goa. Airline tickets can be booked for fewer prices by booking several months before departure.
Experience Chinese Heritage
China is located in East Asia and it is the most populous country in the whole world. Travelling inside China is pretty cheap as the

government has launched several low budget bullet trains. You can opt for free attractions like dragon festival, shop at super markets for saving money, and learn basic language to get tips from locals. If you spend carefully, you can save money for luxuries such as a Chinese massage or spa baths.

Pure Pacific Pleasure of Fiji

Fiji is a small country located in the Pacific Ocean and is among the best places for a low cost trip. The small island has got some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world having tropical marine climate. Navala is one of the most beautiful villages in the country; it is located in the Nausori Highlands. Tourists get great hospitality from locals in ethnic neighborhoods and manage to find  cheap accommodation, food and drinks for just a few dollars per day.
African Adventure in Kenya
If you want to enjoy African safari in true spirit then Kenya is the perfect place. The country has had bad political conditions in the past, but things are good now. You can find frequent flights to Kenya offered by top airline companies at economical rates. Food and accommodation are quite inexpensive in Kenya, and a week’s stay can be enjoyed within a few hundred dollars.
Live the American Dream
If you belong to a Visa Waiver Program country then travelling to the United States is a few minutes away, thanks to ESTA. The electronic system for travel authorization is quick and efficient. Travelers are recommended to submit a request 72 hours prior to travelling to US. Most ESTA applications are processed within a

minute or two. The 50 amazing states of America have varying culture, terrain, weather, economy and festivals. Travelling in the country is safe and secure. You can go camping in the well-developed national parks spread over thousands of acres. Hotel booking sites are the best way to look for cheap rooms, and if you travel in low season then everything will be on a budget for you.

You can travel in style on a budget in almost any part of the world. All you have to do is to look for the economical options for living, eating and rejoicing.
Author Bio-
Victoria James is a travel blogger and a writer from London who loves to express her recent journeys. She write articles for blogs and websites during her free time. She is currently focusing on ESTA which is now useful for all travellers to the USA planning to enter the country by air or sea. If you liked this post you can contact Victoria at

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