Cliff jumping in Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was an elongated drive to get to Dubrovnik from the west coast of France, but, we finally made it. That is after stopping over in Pisa, Rome and Venice of course.
cliff jumping
11m up, hoping I don’t hurt myself
Driving through Croatia is somewhat of an experience; it’s magnificent coastline is nothing short of stunning all the way down to Dubrovnik. To break up the trip we stopped by Split where you can catch a ferry over to Hvar Island.
It wasn’t that we needed a break from driving as we had 4 people to share the driving over the long distance, but more to party it up on Hvar itself. Hvar is notoriously famous throughout Europe and Croatia for its nightlife. So, if you find yourself travelling to Croatia, Hvar is an exceedingly beautiful island that you should try and check out.
cliff jumping
Off I go backwards
The road southward on Hvar boasts splendid views along with some hairy and scary roads, which are dug into the cliff faces making for a breath holding drive to the southern end of the islands where you can catch a ferry back to the mainland.
Finally arriving in Dubrovnik, the town is quite small, we definitely couldn’t risk parking up (in the city) for the night to rest and decided to head back 20 minutes out of town where we wouldn’t get fined for sleeping somewhere we shouldn’t. If you are heading to Dubrovnik my advice would be to pre-book your accommodation. I don’t like to do this (pre-book), but there are just a few cities in the world that it’s inevitable and Dubrovnik is quite condensed so I do recommend pre-booking.
Whilst in Dubrovnik its supreme site of all to check out would be it’s city walls, which holds quite a substantial amount of history. Although upon arriving at the city walls, look out for scam artists and beware of your bag/belongings. This is a tourist hot spot and these are heavily targeted as areas for thieves and scammers.
While walking around the walls, which are right by the sea side, the views themselves are worth the price of the ticket. Towards the southern end of the city, and along the wall there is an amazing

From not as high, but still as fun

little restaurant, half embedded into the cliff and the wall, overlooking the gorgeous turquois ocean. It is the perfect place to relax, eat or even sun bake.

However, as we stumbled across this place, completely different ideas suddenly came to mind and they were cliff jumping. Being already quite captivated in cliff jumping, the boys and I are always looking for bigger and better places to jump. Here in Dubrovnik it is quite safe jumping from not too high up, even the water is really deep and it can be non-dangerous as long as you are aware of your surroundings. Although once you start getting higher, it is not just dangerous but also a little frightening.
The scary one, 19m up
Starting off small we worked our way up to bigger jumps, with the highest we leapt from that day being 19m. I don’t suggest this at all unless you have slowly worked your way up to it as we did. It is a long way down, a full 3-second free fall and if you were to land even just a little bit wrong (off angle) you could do some severe damage.
So be extra careful on the higher jumps. And not to worry, there are a lot of different heights to jump from. If cliff jumping is not your thing though, you could just as well take a dip in the refreshing water or just sun bake by the restaurant and watch the other jumpers. It is a great place to spend an afternoon unwinding after walking around within the city walls.In the comments below we would love to hear what you liked most about Dubrovnik, or even Croatia for that matter?

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