It’s chilling but a must – Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp Tour, Poland

Initially the Holocaust to me was just something that happened as a part of World War II. That was until I visited a Nazi Concentration Camp of Auschwitz and Birkenauin Poland and took a guided tour. During and throughout the tour I found myself utterly appalled at how the Nazi Officers treated people through the dreadful Holocaust.
Barbed wire & Electric fences border the camps
It is an eerie place knowing how many people had walked into, but not out of these concentration camps.
Learning about what the Nazi’s did to so many people in these places is disturbing, especially when you see the tiny cells, their crammed and overflowing toilets, the sheds and the gas chambers throughout the 15squarekilometer area.
In loving memory of 1.5 million people

During 1941 until late 1944, at least 1.2million people were exterminated at Auschwitz. People from all over Germany and Europe were apart of these mass exterminations, during which they were able to gas 2000 people to death at once using pesticide Zyklon B. If they were not lead into the gas chambers they lost their lives from extreme living conditions such as starvation, diseases, forced labor, executions and even medical experiments.

A miniature fraction of the Zyklon B tins
The tour is extremely educational as they talk you through the process of what happened in these Nazi concentration camps. From the shaving of the prisoners hair, which the Nazi’s used to make quilts out of, to the medical experiments that were conducted on people and even the executions that took place and where.
concentration camp
View from the watch tower to “the ramp” where
where prisoners where sorted

You learn about their living conditions, what they had to endure each and every day. You will see the gas chamber and even “the ramp” where the sorting of people occurred once they stepped off the train in the concentration camps. One nauseating SS official, Josef Mengele who was the experimental doctor would wait at the ramp and get excited to see twins, as he liked to use them for his famous experiments. The twins were often treated well compared to the other prisoners, that is, until they suffered from the cruel experiments Mengele took out on them.

The trains in which prisoners arrived
On that note, I won’t give you all the information there is to know, as it is best comprehended in the camps, from a guide. It sure is out of this world to know that over one million people were killed in these massacres, but to stand on the ground and see where and how over a million people’s lives where ended is something words just cannot describe.
The tour can be quite chilling in parts and will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, but it’s an important part of history that everybody should see and know about. So if you visit Poland, be sure to take a tour, pay your respects and realize how incredibly fortunate you are.
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