More adventurous travel plans

Super juicy travel plans that are going to entertain us all!
To end the year off I have a lot of enthralling activates to share with you. From free diving reefs, to hanging out in the jungle with orangutans to boarding (snowboarding) the worlds freshest powder. Aus Globetrotter is finishing the year off strong and coming into the New Year on a high, literally. No I am not some reefer smoking, drug abusing wild child looking to loose my mind on New Years eve. I mean high as in upon a mountain shredding fresh powdery lines in the snow.

We are officially calling it “Krause’s do Borneo” (our family name)
So without creating any further suspense the first place I am visiting will be Borneo for Christmas with the family which. Borneo is made up of 3 countries where we will only be visiting Malaysia, which is in the North where we will be relaxing and hanging out by the beach.

Afterwhich south bound we will head to visit the Indonesian part and make friends with orangutans. We are using this opportunity to have Christmas together as it’s extremely rare for us to all be together, that and we haven’t had a family holiday in hmmmm over 10 years now, so we are all pretty excited.

After experiencing the delights of Borneo, my brother, two sisters and myself bail on the parents to check out what Manila in the Philippines has to offer. There are a lot of activates to be done there and being so far away (date wise) we will look into it further when we get closer. However I assure you great things are to come, knowing my family the stories will be funny at the least.Being in Manila for 5 days we split up and I head over to Japan to snowboard for 2 months. I haven’t done a snow season in 2.5 years

Kota Kinabalu

now so I am super excited to get back on the slopes. I also finally get to cross off “visit Japan” on my bucket list after wanting to go for over 4 years now. Before my 90 day visa in Japan expires I am going to move on from the snow in mid March where I will make my way to probably Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Afterwhich I have been looking forward to bungee jumping so it may be over to Muscat in China for the world’s highest bungee. No working up to it here, just straight in. Hope I don’t pee my pants or squeal like a 6 year old girl for that matter.

The great part about all this adventurous travel is I will be capturing it on GoPro to record all the madness, hairy, scary, funny and exciting times to share them with you. Along with more valuable tips, advice and me ranting on about how awesome some of these places hopefully are, and some maybe not. Don’t worry if they suck, I will tell you about it too. Aus Globetrotter is not a blog where I glorify every place to make them sound amazing.

So its going to be a huge end and start to the year that I am seriously looking forward to. Actually the whole of next year is going to be one of my biggest years of travel, so look out! Further greatness will come.So with that, if any of you have been to these places I mentioned, please don’t be shy to share your experience in the comment box below. Maybe you know some cool spots to go check out, great eats, tips or advice or even just want to tell me how much fun you had and where, I would love to here all about it, cheers

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