Pub Crawl O’Clock in Prague

Prague’s nightlife really does rock! But being the capital of Czech Republic, it too is a city of sumptuous architecture which isextremely rich in history. It’s known as the Golden City or the City of a thousand Spires, it is also acknowledged as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. 

Astronomical clock
Being budgeters, we (4 mates road tripping Europe) opted to stay at Camp ZizKov.  I recommend staying here as its super close to the city centre. That and that the campsite has a very friendly vibe, the staff are excellent and it was also quite cheap. 

Also being close to the city centre, it was also easy to catch buses in and out quite cheaply. But, be careful in the cabs though. Try and pre negotiate or you will get screwed over like one of my mates did and end up paying 100 euro for a 7km trip, not cool. 

There are a few great things to see in Prague, but, whether you either miss them or see them, you will most probably know absolutely zilch about them. That is why I choose to take tours, they are very informative and if you go on the right one you can have a lot of fun. 

Prague City Center
In Prague you have the option to do a walking tour for FREE. Yea I know right, “free”, it’s pretty much the best thing you could do other than deciding to travel. How does this work you might ask, well the guides make their money from tips. So the more fun and educational the guides make their tour, the more people are inclined to tip. And no you don’t have to tip, but by the end of the tour you will realize how awesome the tour was and it would be worth at least a 10 Euro tip. Cheaper and better than any other tour you could possibly take. These are also available in most of the popular cities throughout Europe, locals run them and you can check them out by clicking here.
After our walking tour we met a few cool peeps and decided to do a pub-crawl as well. I know I am pulling out a lot of big calls in this post but this too was the best pub-crawl I have ever been on to date! And yes I have experienced my fair share of pub-crawls (aspiring alcoholic). 

Usually you start off with free drinks and go to a few different bars and then end up splitting. On this pub-crawl you have an “hour of power”, which means you can drink as much as you can physically endure (literally) before you begin going from pub to pub. Initially we thought oh, ok, we will get about 3 drinks because it will be super busy. 

Although, when we arrived we were amazed to find that the bar was lined with shots to take as we pleased, along with beer and wine, as much as you could guzzle. Astonishingly we were provided with more alcohol than your body could handle in over

Prague clock tower

one hour. They then provide you with a T-shirt and onward to a few bars you go whilst ending up at the biggest night club in Central Europe, it’s a 5-story nightclub.

One epic night out! If this is not for you, there are a lot of other bars and pubs around to enjoy, catering to everyone’s style.

One more thing before I wrap it up. Be careful of pick-pockets in Prague, it’s another tourist hot spot and you are always a target, especially if you looked confused, holding a large map and wearing expensive anything. So keep your whit’s about you and everything will be gravy.

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