4 inspirational videos that will wow you into travel

inspirationalTravellers are a breed of their own. They are not bound by social pressures, they think and move freely, they see things differently and take in an incredible amount of knowledge without even realising as they voyage from one place to the next.
I was reminded of this when I found myself moved and inspired over the weekend by a few videos that  travellers published as they simply awed me and I believe will do the same for you.
Walking 4500Km’s across china in 2008, Christoph Rehage from Thelongestway.com started with no hair, no beard and grew it out whilst taking photographs of himself  in all different places across china. Combining them into a super inspirational video this will leave you wanting to get out there and travel.

This next video is of a couple that spent 5 weeks traveling through Chile and Patagonia. What I love best about this video is the story the narrator reads as it is incredibly well written. Hats off to them, this is a awesome vid – http://vimeo.com/36519586
Traveling though 8 countries Christian from Christian Grewe merged all his amazing videography together and came out with one spectacularly gripping and capturing video from many beautiful parts of the world – http://vimeo.com/71319358
In Brooklyn 50 people where asked one simple question. “Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?” This is not completely about travel but is such a beautifully refreshing and hearfelt video you don’t want to miss – http://vimeo.com/2540216

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