Spit on Hitler in Berlin

I love Berlin! It is such a cool city with plenty happening. It has an incredibly interesting history, a fair amount of modern and ancient architecture and its has this cool artistic culture that comes with it.

Brandenburg Gate
Berlin is quite special and to truly discover what is most amazing about this city is through doing a walking tour of the city.Don’t roll your eyes and think I am selling you a tour. For one I can’t sell for shite and two the tour I took was FREE and I recommend you do the same.

I have participated on a few of these free walking tours throughout Europe and they are in all honesty the best things since Gluten Free bread (Yea, I’m a Coeliac). 

How these free walking tours work is that your guide will take you around to the famous sites and explain them to you in great detail and with lots of enthusiasm. The way these guides earn a living from the tours is through tips. Don’t stress, if you don’t want to tip you don’t have

to but by the end of the tour you will be so grateful and empowered with more knowledge about the city than you thought to imagine. So a 10 Euro tip or more is nothing for the value you get and it is also far cheaper than any other city tour you could take. Want to take the tour click here.

I too learnt that Hitler was buried in Berlin from my tour guide, which we were escorted to. As a co-incidence of visiting the concentration camps in Auschwitz, Poland just a few days prior I still felt anger towards the Nazi’s and hocked a luger over Hitler’s grave. Call me disgusting, but if you visited those retched concentration camps, I believe you would feel the same.

Moving on to more awesomeness of Berlin, get yourself involved in a pub-crawl. They are a great night out and a great way to meet people; it will be an evening that won’t disappoint. These pub-crawls are run by the same company that organizes the free walking tours.


If you are looking to get into the true culture of Berlin food, try its traditional Currywurst. This is a pork sausage, which is covered in tomato sauce with a curry powder sprinkled over the top. These go down great as hangover food or even just as a simple snack.

Just one of the stunning Museums on Museum Island

Of my favorite things to see in Berlin was the Brandenburg Gate, the holocaust memorial and of coarse the all famous Berlin Wall.

However there is an abundance of things to keep you occupied. Have you been and what did you like about this fun city?

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