Outrageous! Oktoberfest without beer . . . ?

After an incredible 15 country road trip throughout Europe with my buddies, we had finally arrived in Munich. Home to one of the world’s biggest parties, Oktoberfest.
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It was the grand finale, the last hurrah! 

So how could I not be excited? 

Especially when there are copious amounts of delicious beers to be consumed.But wait, I can’t drink beer!

Yep, I am one of those Gluten Free people (I have Ceoliac disease) who can’tconsume gluten (wheat), hence cutting beer out of the situation.

But it’s a BEER FESTIVAL I am attending here . . . what am I to do? 

I just didn’t know how to go about the whole event. Is there GF (gluten free) beer? Will they have other alcoholic drinks at a beer festival? If not, how am I going to cope with all my mates the drunks having an absolute ball at the world’s biggest beer festival.

Obviously you can’t just BYO to a Beer Festival right . . .

Wrong, what I did was go out and purchase myself some vodka along with 2 flasks and hid all this in my Lederhosen. 

As the maids came around and took everyone’s order I asked for a stein (1litre) of coke. They only came in a half a stein for coke, which was more than adequate as that is still a lot of coke. As the maid left to attend the rest of the rowdy and wild attendees in the tents, I would have my mates watch for security as I slipped the vodka into my glass. 

It was all too easy, however the tricky part was to not prost (cheers in German) to hard and have beer spill into my glass. But I succeeded, had an incredible time and would certainly attend again.  So if you have a beer allergy, never fear you can still have fun at Oktoberfest. 

A lot of the time travelling with an allergy can be difficult, but there is usually ways around it. Do you have or know of a traveller with an allergy? What tips and tricks have you/they learnt whilst travelling to avoid a specific food or reactions?



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