Diving with the biggest shark in the deepest hole

The Great Blue Hole is known to be one of the world’s top ten dive sites, dubbed by the famous Jacques Cousteau, who discovered it in 1971. I along with many other divers would not disagree. It is here, even as a

Aus Globetrotter
Rarely can I dive no shirt without getting cold – Loved it!


Dive Master, I have experienced one of the best days of diving ever.

Belize is a little country in Central America; it’s located on the southeastern side of Central America, just below the most eastern part of Mexico and fronting the Caribbean Sea. I spent 5 days just off the coast on an Island called Ambergris Caye, which is just north of another amazing island named Caye Caulker, famous for its super chilled vibe. From either of these two Islands you can take tours out to dive or snorkel the famous Blue Hole.

The day tour that I took consisted of 3 dives, which I will never for the life of me forget. Our first dive was into the Great Blue Hole,

Little Caribbean Island on the boat trip out

where we swam through the amazing stalactites, which when

exiting, we had a visit from a 6-8ft reef shark that circled by to check us out. I couldn’t believe it, it was the biggest shark I had actually swam with. It was so refreshing to be under the water with it instead of sitting on my board (surfing) being scared shitless from the sight of a shape/fin. I was in total awe at its sheer gracefulness through the water, its true; sharks are king of the ocean.

Upon climbing back aboard the boat my ear-to-ear grin could not be wiped from my face. Then it was on to the next dive site of Half Moon Caye. Not expecting it be as a good as the last dive, I was

half moon cage
Docking for a lunch break

astounded at the clarity of the water when I jumped in. It was as though I was looking into a recently cleaned life size aquarium full of bright fluorescent sea life all around me. I asked my guide what the visibility was, to which he explained we were more than lucky as it was an unbelievable day at 120ft-130ft visibility, where as usually its 80-90ft which alone is quite incredible.

After two of the most amazing dives of my life, the boat took us to the island of Half Moon Caye for lunch, where we feasted and

relaxed, letting the nitrogen release from our bodies. The Island we ate lunch on, mimicked a magazine center fold of a exquisite tropical getaway. It had pure white sand, with old abandoned

Half Moon Caye

buildings that had suffered from years of ocean sea breezes along with a quaint little forest inhabited by birds. You couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing place to enjoy your lunch.


If you are a keen diver, love the tropics and crave visiting the Caribbean to dive, free dive, snorkel or take a relaxing break, the islands off Belize are the place to do it. Oh did I mention it’s cheap!
Myself and 2 mates stayed at Pedro’s Inn for 5 days which is inexpensive, close walking distance to the shops and the docks and it’s not right in the hustle and bustle of it all. They guy who runs the place is super nice and will help you out with whom to book tours through without getting scammed.

Do you have a favorite dive location? In the comments section below we would love for you to share, cheers

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