OKTOBERFEST – The world’s biggest party & what to know

While spending about 3 months road tripping throughout Europe with 3 mates, we planned each of our travel destinations to place us in Munich to attend Oktoberfest for one last celebration with the amazing friends we had made and met along our incredible 14,000 mile journey.
Us four from our Van
We all arrived and stayed at Camping Oktoberfest, which is a ginormous campsite with toilets, showers and a small restaurant. The campground itself is well set up and is also quite cheap, a lot better than forking out for an overpriced room. It’s close to the train station with easy access to a shopping center and supermarket just 1 stop away. It also links with the train to the festival grounds.
My greatest advice I can give you for this festival is, if you don’t dress up don’t bother going. Honestly, half the fun is in getting dressed up as it puts you into the Oktoberfest spirit to party, drink and have an incredible time with not just your mates but everyone else in and outside the festival tents.
If you can, it is well worth attending the opening ceremony, which is when they crack the very first Keg of beer. This opening day is known to be the biggest party day too. So if you are looking for the total experience, I would suggest not missing out on the opening ceremony.
The crew
Inside the tents there are bands playing songs, which everyone joins in with. I suggest learning at least one traditional song as they break out several times throughout each day and it’s great fun to be able to participate. The most popular song you are certain to hear is “Ein Prosit“ and you can learn the song and the lyrics by clicking here.
Along with copious amounts of Steins (1ltr Beers) there is also food served inside the tents. The food is prepared and cooked to perfection and the roast chicken is so heavenly. It’s without a doubt the nicest chicken I have ever tasted.
To tell you the truth, I really could not fault this festival; it was the biggest party I had ever attended. We danced all day on the tops of tables and chairs, we were served food and drink whenever we asked, everybody was merry and there was not one fight break out that I saw or even heard of, amazing!
Have you attended Oktoberfest, and if so what was your favorite thing about this festival?
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