Post travel trauma – How to beat travel depression

You are on your way back home from an incredibly amazing trip. You arrive home, to your own comfortable bed, catch up with the friends and family, tell them your travel tales over a few drinks, slowly settle back in and get to do what you have been craving since you left home.
And thats when it all starts, I call it post travel trauma.
You don’t have to be a big brave world explorer or a long term traveller. Every traveller gets it whether they were away for a few years a few months or even a few weeks, it’s inevitable.
We settle in a place for too long or most often come home and eventually start to miss the travel life. The lifestyle, where we had it all too easy with next to no responsibilities, no time restraints, meeting new people in amazing new place surrounded by an abundance of fun activities to participate in, day in day out.
Eventually, at home you start working or whatever it is you do. All to find yourself slipping into the same boring routine, then the travel high starts to wear off and you hit a wall.
I am in that very situation now and I’ve hit the wall hard! It’s not like I was slowly cruising and all of a sudden this wall appeared where I couldn’t help but collide into it. No, that’s not it. I was flying, flying with supersonic speed like superman back to earth (home and reality) with such an adrenalin rush from the travel high when BOOOOOOM!
The impact was tremendously devastating.
desert treeShattered and glum, I decided to pick myself up and turn my pessimistic behaviour around, harness that negative energy and funnel it into behaviour of good use. Where I could then eventually get my act together and start flying again, literally. I found that whilst falling into post travel trauma there are just 3 simple things you can do to keep your head up until your next journey begins.
First of all you need to set goals. Just like in life, if you don’t have any goals you won’t get to where you want to be. So set yourself a leave date, something to work towards.
Whilst you are working away you may easily slip into that same routine I was talking about, don’t. Keep active, as there is always fun to be had, even at home. You need to try and open your mind to more possibilities for exploration and entertainment because they are out there.
But most of all stay focused. Sometimes to motivate myself I would look up where I could go, cheap flights and what awesome adventures there are out there to be had.
I also read awesome blogs like AusGlobetrotter (wink face).
After all, I realised being home is not at all such a bad thing. You have the opportunity to re-group, re-charge the batteries, to catch up with your family and friends whilst of course planning and saving for that next adventure.
So when I feel as though I am about to hit the post travel trauma blues at home, I take a step back and remind myself, why I’m at home and what I am doing this for. Because in the end, it is really just an interval, enabling me to get back out there and discover the many more amazing places on this outstandingly awesome planet of ours.
How do you keep yourself from post travel trauma and what works for you?
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