“Travel begins at the end of your comfort zone”

We all have a comfort zone and those who travel know what it is to bust free from it. However it is quite scary that majority of people in your life will never push the boundaries of their comfort zone and actually travel, for the sheer fact that fear holds them back.

So I am calling for a shout out, to those of you who have had a taste travel, witnessed amazing parts of the world and endorsed yourself in cultures. Look to yourself to put out to the world something that is bigger than you, by simply inspiring and motivating those who haven’t yet travelled.

At times it may be tough, but often you will find that just sharing a story will optimise peoples thoughts about travel. It is you yourself who knows that those who don’t travel are most certainly missing out on something quite important in their lives.

It’s those lessons that travel teaches us, that can’t be taught from other people’s experiences or learnt about in books.

HimalayasIt’s a huge shame that these people could well possibly miss out, you know the people who I am talking about. They will question you about your trip upon returning, but never listen with intent and brush it off like it was just something that you did.

Now I know that a lot of people say they don’t desire to travel, but I believe that deep down they really do. It’s just their brain telling them to not let that passion inside of them get out. And instead replace it with some idiotic excuses because they would be forced to breach their comfort zone. That’s what it is for most people; they are either to comfortable or have a stronger sense of fear for being uncomfortable.

Which I know, we all have those fears, but we need to tackle them.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

There are the other typical type people who will make every excuse under the sun to not go on an adventure.

They will claim, “I don’t have enough money” or “I have no time” as they sit in front of the TV every night and spend their money at the shopping malls each weekend.

Wake up to yourself people; time and money are the two most valuable things you could ever have.

comfort zone

Yet people waste them both! If you were to add up just 2 hours of television per night over one year, do you know

how much it equals to? It’s over a month of your time, for just 2 hours of TV per day. Can you really afford to lose a month of your life every year?

Now lets look at what we are spending. If you are to add up just $100 per week (which is exceptionally low) from what you spend during the week on non-essential things such as clothes, video games, takeout meals etc. It’s quite a lot

of money which equals to $5200 per year!

Now with an additional month in your life and $5200 you could go anywhere you want in the world and have a fantastic time!

So quit making excuses because nobody wants to hear them.

“Excuses are just well thought up reasons”

Instead, start to become wise with your time and your money so you can actually travel and see what it’s all about. It will change your life, it could and probably will be the best thing you’ll ever do. Just by cutting back on a little TV and saving a small amount of money each week. You will surprise yourself and put yourself into a fortunate position to go out and see how incredibly amazing our world is.

If you have been bitten by the good old travel bug, share with us what it is you sacrifice for travel?

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