5 ways to be more adventurous

be more adventurous

1. Break up the routine, try new things

Do you stick to the same routine every day? We all know that is a poor start why trying to be more adventurous. Surely you must be overly bored by this thing you call routine. The sad thing is though, that some people don’t even realize that they are so deep into a realm of routine that the only things that exist to them at all are part of their existing routine. Their paradigm has been shifted so much they find it hard to comprehend that there is a whole world outside of that bubble.

So don’t get stuck, shake it up and try new things. Go to new restaurants, try different drinks, eat unusual foods. Go walking, riding or running. Go do something, anything that is out of the ordinary.

If you have time, take a trip somewhere new and not to the same place you go every Christmas, Easter or school holidays. If you love exercising, walk/run/ride or whatever it is you do, do it somewhere different, completely out of the ordinary. If you are bored of TV and reading, learn to play an instrument, try a new sport and if you are feeling super adventurous, simply go out and meet new people. You will be a little uncomfortable at first but you will learn to love it.

2. Tackle your fears and start living!

Everyone has fears and the quicker you realize it, the easier they will be to overcome. Instead of avoiding your fears, confront them. Be open to them and take action towards overcoming them. Start with your smaller fears first to boost your confidence and eventually work you way up. But certainly don’t shy away from them or the fear factor will remain and you could well be a big scaredy cat for the rest of your days.

3. Approach and meet new people

Do you hang out with the same people and never meet anyone new? Yes it can be immensely daunting approaching new people but the rewards are totally worth the effort. If you can put the fear aside (even for just a few seconds) you will meet the most amazing people.

More often than not you will learn something from everyone you meet because, everyone has a story and everyone knows something that you don’t already know. People are fascinating so challenge yourself, be courageous and talk to strangers.

4. Be more social or you will fizzle

If you are a workaholic or entrenched very heavily into a project, I urge you to take a break. Your creativity levels and probably your health levels will be at a low and you are more than likely going to burn yourself out.

Take a break, host a party, a get together, even just a picnic or a BBQ to get together with a few friends and family. If you can’t host something attend something instead. Social interaction is important, it’s fun, you will enjoy it and you don’t want to get left behind on what’s going on in your life.be more adventurous

5. Love the life you create

Being more adventurous isn’t easily done overnight, it will take some time to start following these steps. So if you do find it daunting take it slow, but certainly don’t ignore it.

Being more adventurous will put opportunities in front of you that you would never have imagined. Not only will you acquire an abundance of knowledge from everything and everyone you meet, but you will become a happier person which will resonate with everyone you come in contact with.

After all your life is created by the choices that you make, so choose to be adventurous, not just for yourself but for everyone you know, past, present and future.


What things do you do to become more adventurous?




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