Why packing less is more!

If you are like me you cringe at the site of someone struggling to lug their oversized backpack. Not only is it going to give them terrible back pain and bad body structure in the future, but there is just really no need for all that gear, so i want to show you why packing less is more.packing less

Are you one of those, take twice as much or just incase I need it type travellers/backpackers?

Well I can tell you that this is not at all a good thing. You might look like you are going on a ginormous trip for several weeks or months, but realistically you will look stupider than you think.

Sure it is great to have everything on hand for when you need it, but what a burden that is, to take it all with you for the odd occasion you may, and I mean just may need something.

Other than carrying the excess weight, how else is this going to affect you?

Well it will slow you down in a lot of ways for starters. Dragging that much luggage around is not at all good for your back, it could and most probably will cause damage to your body structure if you have your pack on nearly every day.

Because honestly, its just stupid, you do not need all that gear.

I can almost be 100% sure that whatever it is you need, where ever you are in the world, there will be someone or some shop selling it. Why would they have what you need? Because if you are in a place where people need certain things for the climate, specific activates or what ever there is in that particular location, people will be selling it for the simple fact that there is a market to be sold to (you).

So that is great news right. Now you don’t have to take half of your house around on your bloody back.

In packing a lot less than you expect to use, you are going to save time and money.

You won’t have to pay excess baggage and your travel companions won’t be telling you to hurry up and pack all your worldly possessions whilst your ride is waiting. Or nagging you to keep up when you tend to lag behind due to the excessive amount of weight.

So when your about to embark on a trip, how will you know if you will need something or not?

packing lessSimple, if you have to think of when you might use it, don’t take it. Leave room for the important things that you will use regularly, if not all the time (shoes, toiletries, camera & a few clothes).

I can’t say I am not a culprit as I use to pack way too much when I first embarked on my journeys, however I want to save you a lot of pain and frustration by learning from all my mistakes.

I know it can be hard to leave things out, especially if there is room left in your bag, but really try not to fill it just for the sake of it. Another really great way to restrict you from over packing is use a smaller bag.

So next time, before you leave the nest remember, less is more! I really can’t stress enough that if you think you might use it, don’t take it.

And if you are still having trouble, check out my post on “the only 5 things you need in your bag to travel”.

Who else has been a culprit like myself and over packed things they never ended up using?

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