Why Paris should not be standing

We all know what Paris is most famous for and we all know a little bit about the famous city.

The louvre of an evening

But did you know that Paris should not be standing?

I know; I too was flabbergasted when I first found out that Paris was to be turned into rubble in 1944. Had it not been for General Dietrich von Choltitz, the German’s Greater Paris commander, who disobeyed orders from Adolf Hitler to ‘destroy Paris’, its beauty would not be the same today.

Thankfully it still stands in all its magnificence and I certainly won’t overdo you, with how wonderful it really is because you already know that. And do I personally think it is a wonderful city, well . . .  YES! And are the people snobs . . . NO

The Parisian people, to me were friendly, polite and helpful. I can’t say I didn’t go to Paris without the expectation of bumping into the odd stuck up Paris local, however everyone was quite kind and considerate.

There is so much to see and do in this stunning city, but please, do not just waste your time walking around the city without knowing anything about it. So, please, do some research on Paris before you get there, its history and stories are marvellous.


Peering down on Paris on our evening stroll

The umbrellas we were forced to buy as there was no other alternative

Or if you are just too lazy like myself and on a budget, check out the free walking tours that are held. Yes they are free and you will learn an incredible amount of fascinating things about Paris.

A view from the Effiel Tower








There is a lot more to Paris than meets the eye, yea sure you should see the Eiffel Tower and the Arch de Triumph, but don’t just leave it at those, take a stroll around Paris, drink it in, especially at night and see Paris in all its splendour.


Please share with us, what do you like most about this delightful city?


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