2013 through the lens

Hey and thank you to all you absolute awesome people who read this blog. After only starting Aus Globetrotter just over 10 months ago with zero and I mean zero website/blogging experience, I am enthralled from the support and readership of all you guys, so many praise to you.

Also just starting photography a few months before the blog, I thought I would use this post to show you through the lens what incredible places throughout the world I was lucky enough to visit over 2013.

As I continue to travel I might start boasting more photography with these through the lens editions, maybe every month, or quarter or possibly even each place depending on how many, or little, great shots I take.

To all you readers/globetrotters, thanks again for the amazing support, stay awesome and happy travels for 2014, I hope you like the shots.


A worn out donkey I stumbled across way up at the Ad Deir Monastery, Petra

Doctor Rocks

Doctor Rocks in Tasmania gave a stunning view when I was there


I came across this man hiking the Himalays. He wanted my sunglasses because he thought they may aid his sight, poor elderly man

Annapurna range from Poon Hill in the Himalayas, Nepal


Fruit and Vegetable market in Varanasi, India


Burj Khalifa

Worlds tallest building, Burj Khalifa overlooks the Dubai mall in Dubai


A guru sits patiently in India


The famous Pyramids of Giza outside of Cairo


An Indian man cruises to work on his bike in Punjab

Taj Mahal

The stunning Taj Mahal by sunrise in Agra India

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