Travel facts that will motivate you to travel

For all those fellow globetrotters and travel enthusiasts, I completely understand what it’s like trying to explain to everyone your intense passion for travel. Sure some people you know will get it, but then there are those who are just confused as to why you often pick up and leave, for weeks to months and for some even years on end.

So I’ve set out and collaged a list of travel facts explaining why travellers love to wander off just simply trekking the planet in complete fascination and awe.
Travel facts However for those who don’t travel, clean your reading glasses and prepare to be vulnerable to the idea of exploring the world because these facts will make you want to travel.



Regular travellers get along with people better – How is this so? As a traveller you will be in situations where you talk to people from all corners of the globe with different beliefs and from all walks of life. You will learn to listen to these people as their story just like yours is unique. The more stories you hear and the more people you meet the easier it will be to get along with a wide variety of people from all over the world as you have gained experience of communicating with all types of people.

Studies prove that money spent on travel boosts your happiness more than money spent on material goods – Often when you buy something (materialist) that you really want, the happiness of owning the product phases out. Unlike when you travel, the unique experiences you encounter are once in a lifetime moments you can never replace and you will always look back on.

This fact is most appealing to me as I am a huge believer in one of Will Smiths quotes that depicts why we do and why we shouldn’t buy certain materialistic goods – “Why do we buy things we don’t want, with the money we don’t have to impress the people we don’t like” Although majority of us do exactly this we really are not making ourselves happy. Sure maybe short term we will be, however to honestly be happier about life and within ourselves, a wise move would be to instead take on board the message in this fact.

Trip length doesn’t affect your post trip happiness – Sometimes you could go on just a short holiday and have an even more terrific time than what you might do spending 3 months travelling Europe. It really depends on who you are with, where you are and what you see and do.

Couples who travel together report increased intimacy – This could be your new reason to take your partner travelling with you! Realistically though, this fact is based on those couples that travel as they spend a lot of time together where they are constantly seeing and experiencing things that make them happier. And we all know that a happier person is a lot more attractive.
The ticket is usually the biggest cost – We all know airline tickets are expensive but some of us don’t realize that once the air fares are out of the way, most and I would say nearly all holiday activities cost next to nothing compared to the ticket you brought to get there. Especially if you book the activities at your destination once arrive.

Travel actually makes you smarter – As you travel you subconsciously absorb and take on knowledge without even realizing. For instance when you go to a completely different country, lets say 3rd world. You see so many things and they automatically get embedded into your mind without you thinking about it, like what they look like, how they communicate with each other, there body language, what vehicles they drive to what food they eat and how they sleep. These are all things you learn without even thinking about it. Not only do travellers acquire an abundance of knowledge but,

Travellers are better problem solvers – They are faced with constant changes, how to get to and from places to see and do things all within a time frame. Even just working out currency exchanges to understand how much you are willing to pay in your home currency for something. Travellers are always ready to solve another problem and the more you travel the quicker you will get at problem solving, organizing and time frames.

Travel helps us learn about ourselves – When you are abroad often you will find yourself in situations that you have never been in before and you will learn how you react to certain things. You will become comfortable in more situations after all that travel.

Travel makes us more interesting – What’s not interesting about somebody that has seen the world, been to countless countries and experienced things your imagination would struggle apprehend. Those who travel could talk your ear off for days about their stories and the interesting things to be seen and done throughout the globe.

Travel reminds us how un-important most things are – The more you travel the more you will realize that everything you have is all just stuff. Things that you don’t necessarily need, things that can’t provide the same amount of fun and happiness as what travel does. Some of you may or may not be in the same boat, but for me I find the fewer things I own, the happier I am.

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