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The best GoPro selfies of 2014

It all started because GoPro selfies are what the people want to see! I know, I

Australia’s cheapest flight search engine

I don’t know about you but I am excited, I wish I had of known this

Star gazing in Egypt up at the Astrological storm of 2012

Not sure if you remember but back in 2012 on December 12, the three stars of

Why travel keeps me sane

There is not a day goes by that I don’t realise that travel keeps me sane.

How road tripping Mexico changed my life

Those 3 months back in 2011 of road tripping Mexico are they days I will always

10 tips to backpacking Hawaii on a budget

Hawaii can be exceedingly expensive for a traveller, but if you know how to do it

Help me Backpack New Zealand

So I am going on an adventure to backpack New Zealand and I need you’re help!

5 Myths why travel abroad is unsafe

Expect the unexpected, and then some. That’s what traveling overseas feels like, it’s also the exact

Visiting Waikiki on a budget is easy

We all know that Hawaii can be expensive, hell I needed to start working again after

17 reasons you will never regret travelling

The reason I never regret travelling is largely attributed to the fact that it is my