Want amazing diving, don’t go here

I knew Borneo had some pretty amazing diving off the south eastern coast at Sipadan, although I was unaware what it would be like over on the west side. Surely it will be good over here off an island in Kota Kinabalu my brother and I thought. amazing diving

So we hunted down a dive center, which was reasonably priced and had good gear before we took a day trip of diving out off Gayana Island.

Now, I could glorify it to make it sound like we did some amazing diving but, I always want to be honest with you guys. It was pretty lousy. Now that could just be me being spoilt and spending 6 months diving incredible conditions in Egypt, but realistically it was nothing to rave about.

But that being said, we did have fun!  And the second dive was actually quite good conditions. After all though, it is what you make it right, so no point on dwelling on the negatives.

With that being said I captured some footage, although post dive I realized I am quite the rookie when it comes to GoPro and diving as I needed a light to compensate for the very little we had at those depths.
However we made the day as fun as possible, check it out here;

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